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Sustainability is our generations ‘Man on the Moon’ project, we have to think like start-ups to reimagine the future of what could be, rather than what is, and we have to work together to enable us to achieve this.

Our goals at POC are to effect sustainable change across consumer products markets and beyond by educating to inform change, connecting specialists to drive peer to peer learning to aid our members sustainable journey and finally to give back to the next generation through educational grants. We will track our progress on a yearly basis and report back to the POC community with our combined progress. To learn more about each initiative please visit (index page 2:0 benefits of becoming a member)


We believe that educating to inform change is crucial in the transition to a better future.
Products of Change is building the largest global digital ‘living library’ of sustainable knowledge, with our search engines enabling members to gather information from news stories, in-depth articles, research findings, webinars and podcasts, thereby providing the tools for members to increase their sustainable knowledge and drive change both within their professional and personal lives.



A consistently updated news section, including topical and relevant developments on sustainable topics.

The Products of Change bi-weekly newsletter will be delivered into your inbox as well as hosted on the website, bringing a collection of the latest news and developments on sustainable issues.

A wealth of the latest industry, category and scientific insights on sustainable topics. The research findings will be both from external projects as well as those commissioned by the Products of Change Insights Team exclusively for POC members delivering up to date data to help inform change.

The POC monthly online publication will be packed with in-depth learnings and interviews and news updates.

A series of weekly webinars on a broad reach of sustainable topics will connect commercial businesses, NGOs and educational institutions to drive cross party learnings.

The Products of Change search engine enables members to easily access all news, data, articles, webinars and podcasts on specific topics, highlighting all the relevant inclusions on the platform.




The Product of Change Community Hub is a safe and closed platform enabling members to connect with other members within the group, across categories, sectors and countries.

This hub will aid peer-to-peer learning and collaborations whatever your specific field of interest, further perpetuating progress.

The hub follows the Chatham House Rule – anyone who attends a meeting or connects virtually to a meeting is free to use information from the discussions, but is not allowed to reveal who made any comment. This is designed to increase openness of discussion, as our community consists of competitors within and across sectors. All members must also follow the governing rules and law of all anti-competitive activity.




Products of Change is an official supporter of the Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SILC).
Educating to inform change is key to our members and SILC provides an ideal opportunity for everyone to come together to discuss and learn in person about sustainable change from forward thinkers and ‘doers’ who are leading the charge.

As part of the Products of Change community all members will receive a 15% discount for the conference. Please visit to learn more about the up-and-coming event and the amazing line-up of speakers.




We know that we can easily affect simple, quick changes within a business that will enable us to operate more sustainable, but a complex problem requires a complex solution which does take time to implement as well as collaboration across multiple stake holders.

Last year the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPPC) reported that ‘limiting global warming to 1.5% would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’. We know that this is an extremely complex problem which will take many years to solve, we also recognise that as an industry we can work together to solve this.

That is why we have partnered with Ecologi. Carbon offsetting is not a final solution answer to the larger issues, but it is a solution while we find the answers.

Ecologi works closely with global projects to plant trees and remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, planting trees also provides an income to local businesses and prevents the felling of trees for profit.

Products of Change is working closely with Ecologi to provide low carbon goals for our members, both personally and professionally.

Please see a link to our live Global offsetting;




We believe in not only connecting our community to drive change within their business, but to work closely with initiatives that are directly educating the next generation.

Products of Change gifts 5% of our yearly profit back to sustainable educational causes across markets and sectors. You can learn more on our impact page.




When you become a member of Products of Change you are not only connecting to our hub to learn but committing to deliver against 3 core principles:
Committing to sustainably educating yourself and your workforce
Begin your journey of driving change aligning to 3 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
Be transparent in your sustainable goals on a yearly basis to enable us to track our progress as an industry