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We are a membership community

We’re a purpose-driven organisation focused on three areas of business.

At our core, our not-for-profit membership is collectively building the infrastructure and providing the resources to help our industry reduce its environmental impact.

Meanwhile, our media arm provides industry education and connection through newsletters, magazines, and conferences.

Finally, our Products of Change Advisors division is here to provide help and direct guidance to get you on your journey of sustainable development.

We help our members connect and collaborate as we build a community of sustainability champions. Join us in our mission to create a better industry for tomorrow, today.

A Membership Community based on:

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We are Advisors

We are a team of subject area experts here to help you implement effective and impactful sustainable strategies across your business operation.

If you’re a brand owner, manufacturer, or retailer looking to improve your product and packaging design, expand your knowledge of material innovation, start building towards a circular economy, or simply looking to understand the day-to-day wins you can implement now, look no further and get in touch with the Products of Change Advisors team today.

We are a media platform

Products of Change Media spans our twice weekly newsletters; a Products of Change Magazine; and an industry calendar of events, webinars, podcasts, and resources.

We are here to tell the industry’s story and drive positive, sustainable change through knowledge-sharing, resource-sharing, and connectivity. We bring this all together each year through our Sustainability Conference (SiLC).

The Products of Change community of innovators, pioneers, and forward-thinkers turn conversation into action by working together to make real change happen. So, get in touch and be a part of the story today.

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