Come meet the Products of Change Ambassadors​

Each an industry expert of their field, our Ambassadors drive engagement across a breadth of sectors and subject areas, host our category working groups, and help set the direction of travel for the not-for-profit community.

Meet The Ambassadors

Andrea Green

North America Markets

James George

Circular Principles

Mike Swain

Ambassador for Packaging

Peter Rooke

Ambassador for Plastics

Michelle Pearce

Ambassador for Gaming & Content

Julia Redman

Ambassador for Fashion

Duncan Shearer

Ambassador for Paper

Damian Hopkins

Ambassador for Retail

Lian Huddle

Ambassador for Australia

Jessica Lenhart

Ambassador for Fashion US

Steve Scebelo

Ambassador for Sports US

Brenda Seto

Ambassador for Canada & N. America

Gary Pope

Ambassador for Kids

Tracey Richardson

Ambassador for Partnerships

Simon Gresswell

Ambassador for Sport

Active Live Working Groups

Products of Change brings industry actors together from across all sectors to discuss and implement positive change. A key tool for driving that change are the Products of Change Working Groups, specialising in specific areas of industry sustainability that need tackling. Each working group is led by one of our POC Ambassadors, a specialist in their field and a subject expert.

a helping hand.

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