The Products of Change Goals

Engaging keynote speech at a Products of Change event, showcasing our commitment to driving sustainability in the licensing industry.
Like you, we’ve set ourselves some ambitious and definitive goals: to reduce the environmental impact of the brand and licensing industry and support the building of circular economic business models to enable our industry to thrive. And we’ve decided the best way to achieve this is through collaboration, education, and partnering to create tools and support the industry’s transition.
Ultimately, we’re all about educating to inform change. So, how will we deliver this? Well, we have our not-for-profit membership; our educational resources and syllabus; our media arm to connect industry, deliver content, events, and
networking opportunities; and we’re supporting all of this via our POC Ambassadors and our POC Advisors service.
Core to everything we do is celebrating our industries’ success stories of development through the Products of Change Conference (SiLC)

The Products of Change Goals and the SDGs

Products of Change team members on stage at a sustainability conference, actively engaging in industry-leading dialogue and collaboration.

Over the past few years, we’ve been working with the United Nations to bring to life the industry’s first ever Members SDGs Awards and recognise and celebrate the sustainable development of the global brand and licensing industry – all in alignment with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Products of Change is built on collaboration – whether that’s across industry or sector. We are a community that brings competitors on the outside together inside to discuss and ideate – at a precompetitive level – the steps we all need to be takng forward to help the $340bn global brand and licensing industry transition to a sustainable future.


Educating to inform change sits at the heart of everything Products of Change does. We are a knowledge-sharing platform and industry resource that comes complete with educational syllabuses for members and non-members and a wealth of tools and resources to help businesses get on their pathway towards sustainable development.

Partnering to create tools

We a strong community of passionate and driven individuals and business – a super power in the pursuit of industry sustainable development. Tapping into to the expertise and insight of this community, Products of Change has been able – and will continue – to develop tools and resources for the industry. This include the Sustainability Framework and the Sustainability Maturity Index tool – the industry’s first sustainability benchmarking engine.

Our Impact
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