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The Products of Change story…

What started out as an initial meeting of minds from within the brand and licensing sector and a shared desire to do things better has grown into a thriving media, education, and resource platform spanning the global industry.

POC and an industry in evolution

Summer 2019

With a newly acquired qualification in Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge and a career in the licensing industry behind her, Helena Mansell-

Stopher gathers industry professionals with a shared interest in sustainability and making positive change across the industry happen.

Industry trade media editor and journalist, Robert Hutchins is one among that number of initial attendees – all of them unaware of what this movement would evolve into…


Helena signs with Max Media Ventures to develop the Sustainability in Licensing Conference and Products of Change – the industry’s first dedicated platform to industry education, evolution, and sustainable development.

Helena becomes the official founder and CEO of Products of Change.

Strategic Moves

In September 2021, Robert Hutchins officially joins Products of Change to lead the organisation’s media division and expand the reach of the platform’s message and community.

By the Autumn, Products of Change has established an industry-first partnership with Informa Markets to bring Products of Change and its community to Brand Licensing Europe.

It’s a partnership that will set the tone and agenda for the industry’s ongoing relationship with sustainable development over the coming years.


Products of Change launches its first magazine, the Sustainability Edit, bringing together, for the very first time in its history, the industry’s story of evolution and development with sustainability to audiences and to share the successes and hurdles being met within it.

Products of Change officially launches its Advisors division, deepening the business’ impact and enabling companies and members to delve into the organisation’s rich knowledge on subject areas and business models.

In the Autumn, Products of Change delivers its first live Sustainability in Licensing Conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The event is widely celebrated across the industry as an agenda-setting game-changer.

Products of Change works with Informa Markets to bring the United Nation to Brand Licensing

Growth and Impact

Products of Change expands its Membership and industry tools and resources through partnership with Informa Markets, Hyve Global, PowerStation Studios and more.

The expanded POC team introduces its Sustainability Framework – a cross-industry collaborative project to establish a blueprint for the sustainable development of the industry, including the legal language required.

In partnership with Hyve Global, Products of Change launches a series of Whitepapers:

  • Introduction to Sustainability; Consumer Insights; Legislation; Greenwashing and the Green
  • Claims Code; and the Circular Economy.

As a result of closer collaboration with the United Nations to align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Products of Change brough the United Nations to SiLC 2023 to deliver an opening keynote.

Products of Change also launched the industry’s first Sustainability Awards aligned with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals at SiLC 2023.

The Pathway Forwards

Products of Change’s Membership organisation official becomes a not-for-profit operation, establishing a roadmap of intent for the business for 2024.


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