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                                                              “And so the adventure begins…” “Let today be the start of something new.”

the POC Advisors offer sustainability expertise across brand, licensing, and manufacturing.
We support businesses in building your sustainability strategies but also tackling the how too

WHAT?  We have the opportunity and responsibility to create the new business models, strategies and innovations to deliver a sustainable future.

HOW?  This will take cross-industry collaboration and a clear purpose.

The POC Advisors offer sustainability know-how, brand and licensing expertise to deliver a bespoke experience, helping to support you on your sustainability journey.

Your journey hand in hand

Step by step guides. Quick Wins. Easy steps to implementation. Timeline. Explanation of terms, concepts & principles.

Open conversation

More in-depth explanation of sustainability concepts and ideas. Workshops on specific interventions.

Ready to support

Project management or support for specific interventions. Embedding Sustainability. Support for Organisational and Cultural Change.

Led by Helena Mansell-Stopher, the POC Advisors team are based both in Europe and the US covering global business. 
we operate as an extension to your team, focusing on building sustainable strategies, gathering and mapping impact data and educating your team.  

Andrea Green

A name well-known and well-respected within consumer product circles, Andrea has worked at some of the biggest entities in licensing and entertainment, including Activision, Zag, World Poker Tour and before that was a licensee for 15 years in the entertainment apparel and collegiate spaces, before setting up her own sustainability and global licensing consultancy, Globally Green. Andrea achieved her Executive MBA in Sustainable Business Mgmt. in 2008 and was an early voice for how our industry could make sustainable change. Andrea also heads up the North American division of Products of Change.

Mike swain

Mike Swain is founder of Pack IDS an independent packaging consultant, and Senior Advisor to the UK Packaging Council. Mike supports organisations in the integration of their sustainability strategies and activity systems and is the Ambassador for Packaging here at Products of Change.

Heidi florence

As a sustainability consultant, Heidi helps businesses succeed by adopting a new approach; one that’s profitable and good for the world. Heidi can provide support with B Corp certification, help organisations embed purpose and create sustainability strategies. Heidi completed the Cambridge University Business Sustainability Management course and has seventeen years' prior experience across project management, marketing, sales and fashion buying and retail.

james george

James is a circular economy expert having worked at the Ellen Macarthur Foundation for 4 years, he currently is a strategic advisor to Pyxera Global, Systems Change Strategist for Uplift360, Member of the Board of Advisors at Josefin Lil Jeqvist Mentor for Katapult Ocean, Member of the board of advisors at Ocean Plastics Leadership Network and is an Ambassador here at Products of Change for Circular Principles.

If you would like to discuss how POC Advisors can support your journey to a sustainable future, please contact us at for an initial discussion.