Products of Change


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


Announcing the launch of the POC Advisors, offering sustainability expertise across brands and licensing, to support businesses in tackling deeper questions and to fast-track their sustainability plans.

WHAT?  We have the opportunity and responsibility to create the new business models, strategies and innovations to deliver a sustainable future.

HOW?  This will take cross-industry collaboration and a clear purpose.

The POC Advisors offer sustainability know-how, brand and licensing expertise to deliver a bespoke experience, helping to support you on your sustainability journey.

Your journey hand in hand

Step by step guides. Quick Wins. Easy steps to implementation. Timeline. Explanation of terms, concepts & principles.

Open conversation

More in-depth explanation of sustainability concepts and ideas. Workshops on specific interventions.

Ready to support

Project management or support for specific interventions. Embedding Sustainability. Support for Organisational and Cultural Change.

Led by Helena Mansell-Stopher, POC Advisors will cover Europe and North America:

Arthur Parry

An independent sustainability consultant and member of the Solar Impulse Foundation Expert Community, Arthur led the development of the P&G Global Total Oral Care Sustainability Strategy, and has since been supporting organisations in the integration of their sustainability strategies and activity systems.

Cathy Teasdale

Cathy is an independent brand and strategy consultant with extensive experience of running global projects for global brands in the field of sustainability, notably packaging, recycling and re-use of existing products. She has an interest in identifying how brands can develop lasting behaviour changes that can lead to more sustainable lifestyles.

June Kirkwood

June boasts more than 20 years in licensing including hands on experience of sustainable licensing and education in business sustainability management. As owner of Nutmeg Licensing, she is the licensing agent for the Eden Project, working to put sustainability and its associated values at the heart of their growing licensing programme.

Andrea Green

A name well-known and well-respected within consumer product circles, Andrea has worked at some of the biggest entities in licensing and entertainment, including ZAG and Activision, before setting up her own sustainable licensing consultancy, Globally Green.

If you would like to discuss how POC Advisors can support your journey to a sustainable future, please contact us at for an initial discussion.