Products of Change


Products of Change’s first Circular Economy 101 course will take place on in London on Wednesday 13th July from 2:00pm. The course, run by the POC Advisors led by Circular Economy expert Arthur Parry, will provide participants with an understanding of the basic principles of the Circular Economy and how this systems-led approach to design can support a more sustainable future for consumer products. To provide a little more background, the Circular Economy is defined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a systems-led approach, led by three principles:
  1. Eliminate waste and pollution (NB: where there’s waste, there’s cost!)
  2. Circulate products and materials (at their highest value)
  3. Regenerate nature
In practical terms, this includes thinking about how products are used and ways manufacture can be improved to reduce waste, how products and their parts can be put to better use (for instance through reuse, repair or refurbishment), and how materials can be reused through recycling (although this should be seen as a last resort). As well as explaining the theory of the circular economy, this participative course will incorporate group discussion, practical exercises and provide live examples of the circular economy activations, to ensure that attendees are able to start to apply this knowledge straightaway. This three-hour course will cost £120 for POC members and £150 for non-members, including course materials and refreshments, and will very kindly be hosted by Informa at their offices on Blackfriars Road, London (close to Southwark Underground Station). Please do contact the POC Advisors team if you have any questions about joining the course (you can email us at  We’d be happy to help. Do join us!