Crayola helps kindness blossom with innovative new giving platform Crayola Flowers

Crayola helps kindness blossom with innovative new giving platform Crayola Flowers

A new adventure for the popular arts & crafts brand, Crayola is finally in bloom with the launch of Crayola Flowers, a new collaboration with the US florist, Mrs Bloom’s Direct that delivers fresh cut flowers while giving back to non-profits selected by its customers.

Boasting a 20-year history of supplying bouquets while giving back to the local community through its portfolio of direct-to-consumer initiatives, Mrs Bloom’s was earmarked as ‘the perfect partnership’ for Crayola Flowers which, through the purchase of its flowers, endeavours to give the financial support and awareness to numerous charity organisations across North America.

Keeping track of Crayola Flowers’ impact, the team ensures it works only with growers who provide employees and families with fair wages, healthcare services, and a safe work environment. Flowers are sourced directly from growers who must adhere to Crayola Flowers’ strict verification with certification from the likes of the Rainforest Alliance, Florverde, FlorEcuador, and Eco-Certified.

“We’ve travelled the world to meet farmers and their employees. We’ve seen first-hand how they grow, care for, and harvest their crops. We now have the honour and privilege to offer colourful and fresh flowers to all who are passionate about your organisation and cause,” read a statement on the Crayola Flowers website.

“Mrs Bloom’s and Crayola believe in the profound impact that colour and kindness can have on the world,” said Oren Shapiro, partner and president of Mrs Bloom’s. “Crayola Flowers is an innovative business model that empowers consumers and non-profits to spread cheer, inspire kindness, and affect change through the joy of giving and receiving flowers.”

Warren Schorr, Crayola senior vice president of business development, global licensing and experiences, said: “We are dedicated to helping parents and educator raise creatively alive children because we believe these children will grow into innovative adults.

“Our collaboration with Mrs Bloom’s not only extends our brand into the flower industry, but more importantly furthers our mission by supporting non-profits and consumers who share our passion to make this world a better, brighter place.”

The Crayola Flowers platform enables any non-profit – from national organisations and their local chapters, to schools, animal shelters, historical societies, religious groups, and more – to create and share their custom flower shop with anyone passionate about their cause. Proceeds donated to the organisation can range from 10% to 50% or more depending on which of the three fundraising options the non-profit chooses.

“With Crayola Flowers, we are sowing the seeds of change and nurturing the growth of positive impacts that reach far beyond beautiful petals and stems,” said Ari Shapiro, partner and marketing director of Mrs Bloom’s.

“We’re not just sending beautiful, fresh bouquets, we’re also educating consumers about organisations whose work likely benefits someone they know and love, reinforcing the idea that kindness can flourish in even the simplest gestures.”

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