Environmentally and Socially Preferable Purchase policy

This policy exists to encourage employees to consider environmental and social responsibility within procurement decision making factors. The aim of our policy is to reduce consumption and use of materials with negative impacts on the environment and communities. We want to use any purchases we make on behalf of the business as an opportunity to support our mission and values. 

Before making any purchase, it’s the policy of Products of Change Media Ltd to give preference and priority to:  

  • Products and services that reduce waste/increase efficiency and effectiveness

  • Products and services that minimise negative social and environmental impacts (consider pollution, waste and hazards to people)

  • Products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their production, freight and use

  • Products that use recycled content, are durable and long-lasting, conserve energy/water and use wood from sustainably harvested forests

  • Products that can be disposed of responsibly; consider the whole lifecycle

  • Real Living Wage employers, certified B-Corps, certified Fairtrade producers, seasonal produce, local businesses and businesses owned or run by entrepreneurs who have historically and systemically been excluded from the shared prosperity all people deserve

  • Entirely avoid companies with a history of offenses under the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Before making a final decision, consider these points:

  • Check a suitable product isn’t already available and in the possession of another employee 
  • Do you know anything about the environmental or social credentials of the supplier/retailer?

  • Can the requirement be met by renting or sharing rather than purchasing? 
  • Is the quantity you’re requesting essential? 

  • Can the product serve any useful purpose after its initial use? 
  • Is the product energy/resource efficient? 
  • Can you avoid virgin materials by selecting an option that contains a high portion of recycled materials?  

  • Does the supplier have a repair and/or take-back scheme when the product reaches the end of its life? 

 Specific advice when buying hardware:

  • Avoid items that require batteries. Use main appliances wherever possible, unless there are safety issues. (The energy needed to make batteries is 50 times greater than the energy they give out!) 

  • If you must buy an item that uses batteries, consider rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. 

Recommended suppliers for everyday office needs: 

  • Stationery 
  • Food 
    • You can buy from Certified B-Corp brands in these B-Corp store pages online at Ocado and Waitrose  
  • Check if the retailer/supplier is a good employer

Check whether a business has certified as a Real Living Wage Employer and check reviews from existing employees on Breakroom. 

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