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Wed 18 Oct 2023 | 09:00 am GMT

Design School for Beautiful Business & POC

The author and business innovator, Alan Moore, who opened the Sustainability in Licensing Conference in 2022 with a introspective discussion about beautiful business and finding purpose to build is partnering with POC to further transition the industry together with a new one day workshop.  Taking his work from the page to the classroom through his Design School for Beautiful Business Education Programme; a programme designed for an intimately and highly immersive interactive exploration of the key themes feeding into a regenerative - and therefore beautiful - business, and just how to design one.  POC is proud to be partnering with Alan to bring a POC x Beautiful Business Workshop to the industry, taking place on October the 18th in a Central London Location.  Please reserve your space by registering here.  Cost £650 with a 20% discount for POC members.