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Wed 22 Feb 2023 | 10:00 am GMT

Paper Workstream

This meeting is to explore if there is an opportunity to develop a cross industry collaboration to support a sustainable future for products and packaging made from paper. Can we work together to collectively reduce the impact we have and have a positive input into the world we live? This workstream will be run by the POC paper Ambassador Duncan Shearer. Agenda:

  1. The challenges and opportunities facing the magazine industry – Duncan Shearer
  2. Potential Scope – Group discussion on common hot spots and what can and can’t be in scope
  • Transition to Renewable Energy
  • Paper / Print / other materials
  • Improved understanding of FSC/PEFC and traceability of harvesting trees and the production of fibres and paper
  • Understand how to reduce the impact from other materials including inks and adhesives
  • Better understanding the recycling of paper and removal of other materials (inks, adhesives, plastics)
  • What will be the challenges for paper with “Extended Producer Responsibility”?
  • What are the upsides of producing paper and the positive impact it has?

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