Products of Change


Fri 15 Sep 2023 | 07:00 am GMT

POC Australia and New Zealand | Kick-off meeting

Following initial conversations at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year, Products of Change is officially launching its Australia and New Zealand POC committee, with the date set for the first virtual gathering for Friday, 15 September 2023. Taking place from 07.00am until 08.00am (or 16.00 local time) the initial POC Australia and New Zealand Kick-Off meetings will bring together some of the leading names in industry sustainability from the market, including Products of Change's Australian Ambassador and general manager of children swear, licensing, and events at DesignWorks, Lian Huddle; Amy Low, brand and marketing director at Piping Hot Australia; Jessica Curley, senior business manager at Merchantwise; and Alice Sanderson, executive manager at The Australian Toy Association. The event aims to cover means of pulling together the fantastic efforts being made across numerous industries under one roof to discover and develop a potential system for alignment or to share stories of sustainable development across differing sectors to identify anywhere along the supply chain that might need some addressing. The meeting will take place at 7am on Friday, 15th September.

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