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Wed 27 Jul 2022 | 10:00 am GMT

RECOUP and Pledge2Recycle Research

RECOUP and Pledge2Recycle Plastics have been working with all 13 Kent Councils throughout 2021/22 to deliver plastics recycling communications across Kent looking at the research start point ‘if kerbside plastics recycling is based on the same target/non-target materials, what other factors influence recycling rates. The research saw some 678,000 leaflets were delivered, 1900 parish councillors contacted, 170,000 community magazines, 17,5000 school children across 700 schools, and over 3,000 citizen insights questionnaires, along with litter groups, high street engagement, resident focus groups and advisory groups as well as social media. All Kent councils had the same pre-agreed target/non-target list for plastics packaging. A guide has been produced as a key output of the project and as an aid to those communicating plastics recycling to individuals and communities who are seeking to drive up the quantity and qualities of collected recyclable items. There is a free webinar on Wednesday 27th July 2022, at 10.00 am – 12.30 pm which will take you through the Five Key factors of Influence on plastics recycling kerbside and outline 20 Top Tips for Easy Wins with regard citizens communications. The project has been supported by Innovate UK, part of UKRI under the Smart Sustainable Packaging Fund and industry partners, Plastics Europe, The British Plastics Federation, Ecosurety, OPRL, PPS Recovery Systems, Veolia, Kent Resource Partnership and RECOUP.