Products of Change



Products of Change is proud to donate 5% of annual profits to sustainably educating the next generation, as well as working closely with Ecologi to plant trees as an industry.

We are working closely with Wastebusters, leaders in children’s environmental education to build a UK wide recycling infrastructure for toys.

The recycling infrastructure will bring the waste material back into the loop, thus creating a circular economic model for the toy industry. This initiative is a huge research project in partnership with Sheffield University, WRAP, OPRL, EPPIC, DEFRA and many more. The campaign will launch in June 2021 post World Waste Week and in time for World Environment Day.

The initiative will be titled ‘Recycle to Read’ encouraging schools to collect toys, waste electronics (WEE) and textiles to be redeemed for recycling reward points, the reward points then in turn provide free books to schools, the Children’s’ Literacy Trust is a partner of the initiative and we are looking forward to engaging with toy manufacturers, brand owners, publishers and retailers to bring the initiative to life. Please learn more about this initiative at
Growing our Industry Forest Vast land areas around the world are potentially available for reforestation and planting trees. Studies show that that 900 million hectares, about the size of the entire United States, are available for reforestation without interfering with either human habitation or agriculture. Once new forests were mature, they would absorb and store 205 billion tons of carbon, while supporting biodiversity and making the plant more beautiful. That equates to absorption of nearly 70 per cent of all CO2 released into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. That is why Products of Change has partnered with Ecologi to build an industry forest for our members, please click here to sign your company up to the Products of Change