Lush becomes first cosmetics retailer to adopt Prevented Ocean Plastic

Close up on Lush bottled product and label with focus on Prevented Ocean Plastic symbol.

Lush becomes first cosmetics retailer to adopt Prevented Ocean Plastic

The British cosmetics retailer, Lush has become the first of its kind to make the swap to Prevented Ocean Plastic Globally thanks to a new partnership with Spectra Packaging.

For more than a decade, Lush has been using 100% recycled PET for its clear bottles but earlier this month made the switch to Spectra’s certified, recycled Prevented Ocean Plastic for its 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml bottles across its UK operations.

The company’s manufacturing sites in Germany and Croatia have also rolled out Prevented Ocean Plastic across these same size bottles, while there are plans to introduce the switch to Lush North America and Japan later this year.

Lush notes that its one-litre bottles are still in transition across all markets but will be introduced later this year, allowing the cosmetics business to roll Prevented Ocean Plastic out globally.

What is Prevented Ocean Plastic?

Prevented Ocean Plastic is the brand name of a London-headquartered team on a mission to supply traceable plastic materials collected from coastal areas most at risk of ocean plastic pollution. The Prevented Ocean Plastic Programme offers an industry scale, transparent supply of material while supporting local communities. Areas deemed ‘at risk’ of ocean plastic pollution are determined by the brand’s Research Centre which considers four crucial factors:

  • The country or region lacks proper waste management infrastructure and collection incentives.
  • The infrastructure is being overwhelmed by population growth or increased tourism.
  • There is a significant risk to wildlife and biodiversity if plastic contaminates their ecosystem.
  • It is found with 50km distance of an ocean coastline or major water way that feeds into the ocean.

“The Prevented Ocean Plastic initiative is hugely important to Spectra Packaging. It holds a special place in our hearts because it provides a proactive solution to combating ocean plastic pollution and generates tangible socio-economic benefits for those in at-risk regions who bear the brunt of its impact,” said Jonathan Powell, sales director at Spectra Packaging.

“The opportunity to work with a forward-thinking partner like Lush illustrates a common desire to align our visions to drive positive change. By working together towards these common goals, partnerships such as ours can make a positive impact.”

Karolina Machalska, creative buying at Lush, added: “Seeing how much impact the Prevented Ocean Plastic Programme has had on the communities in areas at high risk of plastic pollution, being part of preventing tonnes of plastic from entering the oceans as well as improving transparency of the supply chain is very much fulfilling our ‘Lusher than we found it’ statement.

“I feel honoured to have worked with such a passionate and inspirational group of people who care about people and the environment.”

‘Lusher than you found it…’

On top of its partnership with Prevented Ocean Plastic, Lush boasts a Bring It Back scheme across 17 markets in which customers can return the empty packaging of their finished products for it all to be recycled. 

Since launching its Bring it Back recycling scheme in 2021, some 2.27 million individual items have been returned and therefore diverted from becoming plastic waste.

The Lush Green Hub in the UK is a building that showcases Lush’s commitment to and investment in finding solutions for materials that could be considered waste. With six core teams working together at the Green Hub, Lush is creating circular economies, working to close the loop on packaging and water waste, and find solutions to reuse, repurpose, repair, and recycle materials from across the business.

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