Members Hub - Welcome

Welcome to the world of Products of Change.  If you haven’t yet heard, we are passionate about building a community of sustainability champions to drive real sustainable change within our industry.   We want to foster best practice and assist peer to peer learning, and that is why we have created the Products of Change Hub.

Within the Hub you will be able to talk directly to community members, or post ‘to all’, join community meetings and live surgeries with category experts within the Connect area.  You can join our live webinars in the Live TV section or listen ‘on the go’ to our podcast series ‘The Future of…’  in the Podcast section.  You can download up-to-date research and read, watch and save our educational content hosted in the Education and Research sections, and find up-to-date news, both from within the licensing industry and externally, in the News section, as well as receive it through our regular newsletter.

The Products of Change Members Hub is your exclusive meeting place. It is here we will flag upcoming events and offers, which are exclusive to our members. We will highlight the most recent podcasts, webinars and meetings, as well as signposted you to the latest research, insights and new educational sections.  It is also where you can ‘Connect’ to interact and chat across our global membership, join local meetings and share best practice.  


Our Ambassadors

We are extremely proud to have 11 core ambassadors who volunteer to drive their category or market conversation forward.  Please feel free to connect with our team and the community via Connect. 


Your educational journey

We have built the educational content on the Hub both by theme and category. When you have completed a unit it will colour the box so you can keep up to date with what you have learnt.  We will add to your educational learning throughout the year and update you of the changes within the Members Hub. 


Your Webinars 

Within the Hub we will have weekly live webinars that will start in December.   We have pre-recorded a few which have been uploaded already that you can watch at your leisure.  Please review up-and-coming webinars both in Connect and the Live TV section. You can click on the session to post a question. Moreover, we have also uploaded a wealth of live content from all manner of sources that we thought would be of interest to you.   


Your Podcasts 

Here we aid your on-the-go learning through our very own podcast series ‘The Future of…’ discussing a wide variety of topics from both within and outside the industry.  We also bring outside content to the hub to top up your learning through a variety of entertaining external podcasts.  We will update you on the latest and up and coming podcasts within the Members’ Hub, which are available to all, as well some exclusive podcasts for members only. 



Products of Change works closely with the team at the Sustainability In Licensing Conference (SILC) to present an annual conference dedicated to sustainability in the licensing sector. We will also showcase both physical and online conferences (which are available outside of the platform) that might be of interest to aid your sustainability journey.   


Your commitment

As a member of Products of Change you are committing to educating yourself and your workforce, beginning your journey to drive change aligning to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and to being transparent with your sustainable goals on a yearly basis so we can track our progress as a group.  We share best practice to aid your sustainability journey. 


We would love you to contact with us directly with any queries:

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Welcome to the Community, it’s going to be a colourful journey!

Warmest regards, Helena Mansell-Stopher, Jakki Brown, Ian Hyder and Rob Willis