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60 seconds with… Andrea Green

Tue 08 Dec 2020 | 02:51 pm GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Andrea Green

“The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how important global sustainability for businesses really is” Find out more about Andrea Green, owner of Globally Green Consulting in the US in our quickfire questions. Just a little bit of background on yourself - What were you doing before this? How did you get involved in the business? I’ve been in global licensing, as both Licensee and Licensor for 30 years!  Yikes. 12 years ago I pursued an Executive Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business Management from Presidio Graduate School, one of the top sustainability programs in the US. My mission since then has been to get our Licensing industry to look at sustainability as a positive imperative. How do we harness what we know, react accordingly and make positive, long term changes. Products of Change is time critical and so welcome! How has your business adapted to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic? To be honest, when the virus hit Los Angeles hard, I put my consulting business partially on hold to go to work for CORE (Sean Penn’s NGO), doing community covid testing. Seven months in I’m still there, but now hope to pull myself back to Globally Green full time. I certainly have missed working with my global partners in person, but also appreciate the lack of Co2 I’ve emitted as well! I’ve also been able to sit in on a number of sustainability webinars and conferences to keep me up to speed. What are your business goals in terms of becoming a more sustainable business and closing the loop? I’ve transitioned from full time global licensor roles to consulting a number of times, using  both sustainable and traditional business tactics, and really want to commit to digging back in to my sustainability consulting. Coaching our industry how to create a more sustainable and resilient future is where my passion is and it is imperative we act now. How has coronavirus had an impact on these goals? Most definitely it has highlighted how important global sustainability for businesses really is. Call it resilience, legacy, preparedness, purpose, authenticity, competitive advantage – it ALL applies!  When governments can’t or don’t, businesses must. What’s the one biggest challenge facing the industry today? Shifting our industry from making products/content the way they have been made previously, to being more thoughtful of what we make, how we make it and what its end of life looks like. On an individual level, what’s your top tip for living a greener life? I’m a waste/recycling nut. If it doesn’t go in the green bin, I utilise Terracycle’s Zero Waste boxes for a number of categories. They are brilliant at what they do for hard to recycle items. For clothing I send my unwanted’s to Thred-Up – the largest reseller of clothing in the US. Imagine you were Prime Minister for the day, what one law would you pass? From a US perspective – rejoin the Paris Accord (not a law), and mandate an onshore end of life product strategy. No more shipping waste overseas. These days, hard to stop at just one!! What is your dream car? What is your real car?  Tesla. Prius Prime. If money was no object, where would you retire to? Colorado, or Italy.
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