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Asda customers recycle 220 tonnes

Thu 22 Apr 2021 | 08:10 am GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Asda customers have been able to drop unwanted items at a collection point for The Salvation Army

Asda customers have donated 221 tonnes - over 4000 bags - of clothing, textiles and other bric-a-brac, at its sustainability store in Leeds, equating to over a tonne a week in its biggest weeks. Through its partnership with The Salvation Army, Asda’s sustainability store in Middleton has provided customers with a drop-off point for their unwanted items, which in return is raising vital funds for The Salvation Army and Asda’s Tickled Pink charity beneficiaries. Salvation Army’s shops have been temporarily closed due to lockdown restrictions, but Asda customers have still been able to support the charity by donating their unwanted items to the new ‘drop and shop’ donation point. Coats, dresses, jeans, and baby clothes are among some of the clothing garments which are donated weekly in store. The charity has also received large amounts of other textiles including bed linen, shoes, CD’s and DVD’s, books and household bric-a-brac. Asda has provided a convenient space for The Salvation Army’s drop and shop donation point, which has encouraged customers to recycle their unwanted items, which might otherwise have ended up in landfill. “We’re really proud as a retailer to be able to support the great work of The Salvation Army in our communities and it’s been fantastic to see our customers and colleagues really support the drop off point in our Middleton store, which has been collecting huge amounts of donations each week,” said Karen Todd, Asda’s senior manager for zero waste. She continued: “Tackling the issue of waste is something that our customers and colleagues are passionate about us addressing, which is why schemes like this that support them to do the right thing for the planet are really important. Not only are the unwanted clothes and other items given a second lease of life, but they’re also being diverted from potentially ending up in landfill.”
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