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Ben & Jerry's becomes first food brand to join Pack4Good and redesign its packaging rules

Tue 19 Jul 2022 | 03:18 pm GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Ben & Jerry's has become the first food brand to sign up to Canopy's Pack4Good initiative in commitment to climate change action

Ben & Jerry’s has become the first food brand to join the international Pack4Good initiative – a commitment to ensure its paper packaging does not come at the expense of the world’s most vital forest ecosystems. Instead, and as part of the pact, the ice cream giant will make finding lower impact solutions that are focused on reducing waste and employing Next Generation innovation in its packaging a priority. It follows recent research into the rate at which forests are being logged in order to feed the paper packaging supply chain. While the shift away from single-use plastics is necessary, without due care and the proper measures in place, food companies could be contributing to the felling of some three billion trees a year in the search for paper alternatives. “Our environmental standards and commitments are very important to us as a company, and top the legacy Ben & Jerry’s wants to have in the world,” said Jenna Evans, head of global sustainability for Ben & Jerry’s. “Protecting forests and doing everything we can to stabilise climate is an integral part of our work and we are looking forward to collaborating with Canopy. We are committed to using the most sustainable paper packaging options.” Pack4Good is an initiative spearheaded by the international environmental non-profit, Canopy. The initiative is dedicated to shifting the global paper packaging supply chain to protect the world’s most high-carbon, high biodiversity forests. The deal was done on June 22 this year, World Rainforest Day. “How tree-mendous to celebrate World Rainforest Day with one of the food sector’s most forward-thinking companies taking action to protect the world’s forests, climate, and biodiversity,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s founder and executive director. “We congratulate Ben & Jerry’s on joining the Pack4Good movement to revolutionise paper packaging, kickstarting the production of game-changing, low-carbon solutions and saving forests in the process.” Ben & Jerry’s pack4Good policy states that by the end of 2022 its packaging will reduce material use by design innovation, maximise recycled and alternative Next Generation fibres – such as agricultural residues, use FSC-certified wood when virgin forest fibre continues to be used, and continue to be free of ancient and endangered forest fibre. The Pack4Good initiative now boasts 341 brands worth around $194bn in collective annual revenue all united in shifting their paper packaging supply away from vital ecosystems and investing in low-impact, recycled, reusable, and Next Generation alternatives. Canopy has created a free database of alternative and low-impact packaging providers here.
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