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Biodegradable face masks coming to UK

Thu 03 Dec 2020 | 02:48 pm GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Biodegradable masks will be available in the UK from early 2021

Revolutionary new technology coming to UK and Europe from Canadian company Change Plastic for Good Beginning in January 2021, Canadian company Change Plastic for Good will begin supplying face masks to the UK and Europe which are made using a revolutionary product called BDP (breakdown plastic). BDP is an organic ingredient added into the polypropylene mask fabric during manufacturing. After disposal in landfill, microbes are able to consume the masks in a few years instead of centuries. What remains of the biodegraded plastic fibres are biomass and biogas, the same materials as decomposing organic waste. Unlike some technologies which fragment plastic into smaller bits in open air environments causing micro-plastics, BDP acts very differently. Typically, microbes do not see plastic as a food source. With BDP able to make the plastic ‘sweet’ for microbes, they are able to consume the polymer chains entirely. This sets BDP apart from other technologies as it is simply speeding up what Mother Nature does naturally over hundreds of years. One important benefit is the plastics maintain their recyclability. “The real story here is the work we are doing with organisations that help clean up plastic waste,” says chief marketing officer for Change Plastic for Good and ambassador for Products of Change, Peter Rooke. “The circular economy is the key to solving this waste problem and without significant funding for clean-up efforts, it will be a huge challenge to clean up our current mess. The vision that we have at Change Plastic for Good helps clean up the plastic waste mess we have created around the world...past, present and future. The launch into PPE is a game changer for preventing this potentially damaging new waste stream.” The masks comply with all the same standards as any other surgical mask on the market and the quality and durability is the same. The shelf life for BDP products is indefinite. It is only in landfills, under soil or in oceans where the microbes begin consuming the plastic.
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