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Thu 18 Nov 2021 | by Rob Hutchins

Brand Conscience 'offers dynamic to transform the licensing industry' at Brand Licensing Europe

It’s been likened to a calorie counter for the eco-conscious and the traffic light system for industry change; both suit Brand Conscience – a newly developed measuring system for sustainable practices within product development – who finds itself charged with the excitement of helping to transform the licensing industry this Brand Licensing Europe and beyond. Developed by Carrie Lomas, Brand Conscience exists with one goal in mind: to simplify sustainability. A topic viewed by many as ‘huge and vastly complex’ for the companies setting out to do it properly, sustainability has become a primary focus not only of Brand Licensing Europe (who, you may have noticed, is providing even its water in aluminium cans this year) but of industries and societies now emerging from the two-weeks of intense activity surrounding COP26. Setting out to put more control in the hands of the consumer, Brand Conscience has made it its mission to make the processes behind sourcing, manufacturing, supply and social responsibilities transparent across the consumer products space. Designed to emulate the nutrition labels found across food packaging here in the UK, the Brand Conscience traffic light system covers five measures: Factory Processes, Longevity, Recyclability and Circularity, Manufacturing Miles, and Company Kindness. Across each, it will offer a rating either green, yellow, amber, or red as an indicator to how well the product performs. When implemented across product packaging, the system will enable consumers to ‘immediately recognise whether a product was good or bad.’ It’s a system, according to its creator, Carrie Lomas, that places the power of measuring Scope 3 and other manufacturing processes, back in the hands of the consumer. “It allows customers to see things like, is the material natural? Does the factory use solar energy? Are the dyes pigment dyes or chemical dyes? These are the kind of things that matter to people and the planet,” Lomas tells Products of Change. And that is ultimately what we are trying to do: change both behaviour at a customer level, but also the processes at a design level.” It is Lomas’ belief that the system has the potential to ‘drive real sustainable change across the licensing industry,’ simply by making the manufacturing, sourcing, and supply processes transparent for all to see. “If you’re a licensor, you know how important your brand is to you, and you need to know that your licensees are producing ethically made and sourced products,” Lomas explains. “So, we can score those products for licensees. They get the benefit of the consumer being able to see what they have done and then the licensor will be able to track those, and ultimately, drive more sustainable behaviours. “They can even choose to award licenses to the partners with greater sustainable practices.”

Brand Conscience's Carrie Lomas has been the focus of much attention at Brand Licensing Europe so far
Housed on the Sustainability Activation in partnership with Products of Change this Brand Licensing Europe, the Brand Conscience traffic light system has already been the focus of attention from representatives from across the licensing expanse, including brand owners, licensees, fashion focused designers, and more. “It’s been really exciting to see the reception we’ve had to Brand Conscience at the show, so far,” says Lomas. “We’re hoping that by creating this kind of dynamic, we can really drive change in the licensing industry.”