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Burger King ups the ante on environment

Tue 02 Mar 2021 | 09:28 am GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Burger King\'s new charter sets out its commitments in five areas

Burger King has released its Burger King for Good Charter which sets out the principles on how it will develop it will play its part in tackling climate change, addressing responsible consumption and providing opportunity for everyone. The Burger King for Good Charter sets outs the commitments in five areas: planet, people, guests, animal welfare and communities. It includes commitments that by 2025 the company will: use 100% renewable/recycled or certified packaging, no single-use plastic and 100% of packaging to be recycled by 2025. The charter also sets out commitments to source all tea, coffee and cocoa from Fairtrade/Rainforest Alliance producers and building on sustainable sourcing on palm oil, focusing on achieving 100% third party sustainable certification. Commenting on the charter, CEO Alasdair Murdoch said on the company’s website: “Being good for the planet makes good business sense. Sustainable business growth can only be delivered if we are committed to reducing the negative impacts on the environment from responsibly sourcing our raw materials, running energy efficient programmes and preventing and reducing waste.” There’s also a pledge to gradually adapt recipes to reduce salt, sugar, fat and calories and growing the vegetarian and vegan options. Read more about the Burger King for Good Charter here
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