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Thu 06 Jan 2022 | by Rob Hutchins

CES 2022 | Dayrize lands in Las Vegas to showcase latest consumer products impact tech

The climate tech company, Dayrize has taken to the Las Vegas consumer electronics show, CES to showcase its latest in environmental impact assessment technology – a new tech that rapidly and cost-effectively evaluates the environmental impact of consumer products at global scale. The technology acts to evaluate the environmental impact of a product in minutes rather than months, reducing the cost from up to $30,000 per product to $60 a year – making the impact measurement of consumer products accessible to both large and small companies. The team suggests that as a result, brands have the ability to drive more sales with climate-conscious consumers, build higher brand value and reduce costs, while consumers have the ability to shop for the most sustainable products all in one place. “Dayrize eliminates greenwashing and transforms the way environmental impact measurement of consumer products is done,” said Austin Simms, co-founder of Dayrize. “Our technology helps companies improve the sustainability of their products and also answer the accelerating consumer demand for sustainable goods. Consumers are looking to buy more sustainable alternatives, but are unable to make informed decisions due to lack of information on the environmental and social impact of products. “Dayrize offers tremendous transparency by accurately assessing the environmental impact of all consumer products, making it accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes to make shopping for sustainable products a reality.” Dayrize’s new environmental impact assessment technology uses complex algorithms combined with geospatial mapping to assess the environmental impact of any consumer product. The complex scoring system aggregates the information for each product into a simple score out of 100 called the Dayrize Score, which allows consumers to easily understand and compare the sustainability of products as they shop. The Dayrize Score is based on the principle that a truly sustainable product is one that fulfils a meaningful purpose, it is designed in a circular manner, it is non-hazardous, responsibly-sourced, fully recyclable and regenerative. It evaluates five key factors across the entire product cycle – from raw material extraction to disposal – to provide a holistic assessment of sustainability performance. Circularity: How well an individual product minimises waste by reusing and recycling resources to create a closed loop system. Climate Impact: How greenhouse gas intensive the production of the product has been. Ecosystem Impact: What the impact of the product is on biodiversity and water depletion. Livelihoods and Wellbeing: How each product impacts the health and wellbeing of the people involved in creating it. Purpose: How meaningful a product’s purpose is by looking at the value that it provides, and the potential it has to be an accelerator for good. Following the robust scoring process of each product, Dayrize provides brands with a consumer-facing widget they can use to disaply the sustainability credentials for each of their scored products on their website. The widget lists the water, land and CO2 impact and planetary savings of each product scored and also includes the Dayrize score icon. Brands who partner with Dayrize receive ongoing, detailed knowledge and insights on methods to reduce their impact, improve the sustainability of their products, and raise their Dayrize Score. Dayrize also commits to reinvesting five per cent of its annual profits to support its brand partners in redesigning their products and value chains to lower their environmental impact. Simms, continued: “The methodology of the Dayrize Score factors in the various complexities and nuances of the entire production cycle. For example, the Dayrize Score not only considers how much land was used to make a product such as a t-shirt, but also considers the ecological sensitivity of the landscape in which it was produced and its likely impact on actual biodiversity loss. “We believe you cannot change what you can’t measure. Dayrize brings a high level of transparency to the environmental and social impact of products that helps businesses reduce their planetary impact and helps consumers make better informed, sustainable choices.” Recognised as the fastest growing marketplace for sustainable products in the UK, Dayrize boasts the largest selection of high quality, ethical brands from across the fashion, health and beauty, homewares, baby toys, sports and outdoors categories. The team has now signed commercial contracts with over 450 brands to assess their products, a monthly signing rate of more than 100 new brands, and is currently expanding its business across Europe, with plans to enter the US market later this year.