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Climate-neutral delivery of Big Macs with green hydrogen truck

Tue 11 May 2021 | 08:57 am GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

HAVI has a fleet of green-powered trucks

In a world first, logistics company HAVI transported ingredients for Big Macs and other products to a McDonald’s restaurant in a zero-emission hydrogen truck in Switzerland. Due to its long range of 400km, the zero-emission truck – powered by green electricity – transported the consignment from the Swiss HAVI logistics centre in Oensingen to Crissier, where McDonald's head office has a restaurant, without refueling once and with water vapour as the only emission. Going forward, this truck will be supplying McDonald's restaurants in the Aargau, Basel, Bern and Zurich regions. This finds the long-standing partners an effective step closer to achieving one of their climate goals: transporting 70% of McDonald’s Switzerland’s goods to its restaurants in a CO2-neutral manner by 2025; that figure stands at 64% today. “To provide our environment with effective protection, we need integrated approaches – from logistics via the restaurants to the customers. We have been pursuing important climate goals for years, one of which involves HAVI, our logistics partner for over 35 years,” explains Aglaë Strachwitz, managing director of McDonald’s Switzerland. Reducing CO2 emissions is a focus at McDonald’s and HAVI, which is why climate protection takes place on a variety of levels: Procurement from suppliers in Switzerland results in short transport distances and correspondingly low CO2 emissions. In addition, 55% of the transport kilometres covered by McDonald’s supplies between HAVI’s logistics centre in Oensingen and the restaurants are accounted for by rail. This combined transport was the first major pioneering initiative undertaken by HAVI and McDonald’s. Since 2009, McDonald’s Switzerland has been able to reduce its restaurants’ CO2 emissions by 45% thanks to these measures and the use of green electricity from hydropower.
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