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Mon 23 Jan 2023 | by Rob Hutchins

Decathlon takes next stride in circular sportswear with Kipsta's newest football boots

Kipsta, the French football brand owned by sports giant, Decathlon, has officially released its new Traxium Compressor football boot, a new model that aims to build circularity into the brand’s production methods. Designed and developed at Kipsta’s headquarters near Lille in France and produced near Nantes, the boot lands – first and foremost – with ‘extreme durability’ and a ten year warranty to back it up. The Traxium Compressor is the result of more than four years of research and development of a new technology for manufacturing football boots. Based on thermocompression, this new technology delivers ‘extreme durability’ providing, says Kipsta, the solution to prevent the sole coming off the boots. As such, it is non-stitched and adhesive free and comes with the claim that it is 3.5 times more durable than the average football shoe. The Traxium Compressor cleats were co-developed and manufactured at the Demgy Atlantique Traxium Compressor factory in Nantes, using recycled materials for single-piece molding without the need for nails or glue to hold the shoe and outsole together. The cleat falls into alignment with Decathlon’s direction of using recycled materials, with the goal of 100% of its products benefiting from an environmental design approach by 2026. On top of this, once the Traxium Compressor football boots have reached their end of useful life, they can be recycled and used as raw materials to create new Traxium Compressor boots. Through this manufacturing process, Kipsta and Decathlon plan to start recycling other worn-out football boots to make new components such as outsoles. Beyond what Kipsta promises is an experience outperforming other football boots, the boots also feature a next-gen RFID chip inside that can be scanned with a smartphoine using NFC technology. Through this, users can enter a virtual research laboratory where they can interact with objects and access exclusive content on their shoes, along with tests, testimonials, and other surprises. The team behind the development of the boot, said: “Our products R&D team is based in northern France and is made up of product managers, engineers, designers, and a product certification team all passionate about football and dedicated to doing everything they can to give you the best football boots possible for each set of criteria. “We are very proud to introduce these exclusive and innovative Traxium Compressor football boots so you can give your greatest performance on the pitch.”