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Thu 24 Mar 2022 | by Rob Hutchins

Dedicated launches The Beatles collection in mission to 'put flavour into ethical clothing'

Dedicated, a Swedish fashion brand established to ‘put some flavour’ into the sustainable clothing scene, is doing just that – all to the tune of The Beatles, thanks to a new collection making use of some of the band’s most iconic imagery. The limited collection is made from organic and fairtrade certified cotton and celebrates the music and cultural influence of the group that ‘changed the world of pop culture forever’ when they hit the scene more than 60 years ago. Iconic artwork from The Beatles’ discography, including Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Peppers, and Abbey Road all features in the collection that spans sweatshirts, shirts, t-shirts, and accessories – encouraging both music and fashion fans to dust of the old records and spin a bit of nostalgia this summer.

Dedicated spotted the opportunity to 'put some flavour' into the ethical clothing space back in 2006
The range has been produced in accordance with Dedicated’s strict sustainability values. It was back in 2006 that Dedicated started out as an environmental retailer. Noticing a ‘lack of flavour’ among the sustainable brands on the scene at the time, the team quickly launched into ethical clothing to ‘deliver the fun and modern designs’ the team found the sector to be missing. Today, Dedicated’s sustainable clothing brand is built on transparency, honesty, and ‘sticking true to its values.’ The firm states that “all of our modern clothing has been designed with the planet in mind.” Dedicated uses organic, chemical-free cotton certified by GOTS, while all of the polyester used by the team is 100 per cent recycled. “We also love using TENCEL Lyocell, a super sustainable fabric made from wood pulp that’s durable, breathable, and incredibly soft,” says the team.
Dedicated only works with suppliers that share the same values, and that are certified by reliable and legit social standards.
“Armed with an eco-conscious team, a love of contemporary clothing and plenty of pop music to keep us going, we’ve created a brand that is thoughtful from start to finish. We only work with suppliers that share the same values, and that are certified by reliable and legit social standards. Long term partnership[s that allow us to grow together and build trust. “By doing this, we can sleep easy knowing that everyone involved in our brand is treated with respect. Every brand has a choice, and our choice it to be kind.” Dedicated’s The Beatles collection is online now.