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DreamWorks Trolls teams with the UN to launch healthy and sustainable eating campaign

Tue 23 Nov 2021 | 10:57 am GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

DreamWorks Animation's Trolls has teamed with the UN for healthy and sustainable eating campaign

The cast of colourful characters from DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls franchise have partnered with the United Nations, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, and the UN Foundation for a digital campaign that encourages a healthy diet and sustainable living. Launched as part of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, the Trolls franchise is setting out to encourage its fans to become food heroes by taking actions such as eating healthy and reducing food waste, and adding these actions to the United Nations’ ActNow initiative. David Bynder, SVP, global brand partnerships for DreamWorks Animation, said: “DreamWorks Animation is honoured to collaborate with the United Nations, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation and the UN Foundation to encourage healthier eating and raise awareness for reducing food waste. “The Trolls are a celebration of positivity and we hope their enthusiasm will inspire kids and families around the world.” A short awareness raising video featuring DreamWorks Trolls has been launched as part of the global campaign, while a series of individual graphic social media posters will follow weekly for one month. The #TrollsFoodHeroes digital and online campaign will aim to enlist more food heroes, who, like the Trolls, see the value in fruits and vegetables and the fight against food waste. The campaign and its assets have been created to raise awareness of, and mobilise viewers to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle and to work together for a happier, healthier planet. Maher Nasser, director of outreach in the United Nations Department of Global Communications, said: “The Trolls are such colourful and happy creatures who relate to children. This collaboration provides an excellent channel to get the message out to children and their parents about the importance of healthy eating and reducing food waste. “We hope that the Trolls will inspire many of their friends and followers to follow in their footsteps, become food heroes and #ActNow for sustainability.” The campaign video will be featured at the World Expo in Dubai and the UN Foundation will connect over 40,000 teachers with campaign materials to be used in the classroom through their partnership with #TeachSDGs. In early 2022, there will be a special edition sheet of UN stamps featuring the campaign artwork and messaging as part of the UN’s own Postal Administration series of special edition stamps. Maximo Torero, chief economist of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, said: “Up to one third of the food we produce globally is lost or wasted. We must reduce both in order to feed a growing population and ensure access to nutritious food for all in a sustainable world. “Trolls characters will help us teach children important lessons about healthy diets and reducing waste in a fun and engaging way. We are grateful to DreamWorks for their partnership in inviting the world’s children to become food heroes, a habit we hope they will retain for a lifetime.”
The entire cast of the DreamWorks Animation's Trolls franchise are involved with the campaign to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
Elizabeth Cousens, president and CEO of the UN Foundation, added: “Empowering children and families to make nutritious, sustainable food choices helps support the health of our planet and its people. “We are beyond excited to see DreamWorks’ Trolls engage their fans in becoming food heroes, reminding us that every action – big or small – can make a difference.”
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