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Earth Day reading list

Thu 22 Apr 2021 | 08:31 am GMT
Helena Mansell-Stopher | Products of Change Writer

Green Swan and How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time are two good books to read

Make it your goal to expand your eco-know-how this Earth Day by reading one of our recommended books. Earth Day this year feels different. More people are aware of the need to protect our planet and as COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up and we start to piece our lives back together, I’m filled with hope and inspiration for the climate road ahead for our industry. We’re seeing huge shifts in global leaders and policy changes with the latest being the Biden administration stepping up to the climate challenge like never before, while historically suppressed voices and courageous youth advocates spread hope for a safer, more equitable future. It’s up to us and our position in industry to start to make real fundamental change, and that for me is exciting. If you want to make some changes – whether at home or at work – have a look at some of these inspiring books:

How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time by Dr Tara Shine

Environmental scientist Dr Tara Shine guides you from room to room and occasion to occasion with environmentally-friendly solutions, backed by science. From swapping bottled soap to bars, to replacing cling film with a simple plate, you will reduce your environmental footprint in an instant, while saving money.  This book busts persistent myths and will once and for all show that living sustainably can be both fun and convenient.

The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac

In this book, Figueres and Rivett-Carnac explain what we can do to safeguard our world. Practical, optimistic and empowering, The Future We Choose shows us steps we can all take to renew our planet and create a better world beyond the climate crisis: today, tomorrow, this year and in the coming decade.

Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism by John Elkington

This book is a whistle stop tour of why we need to make sustainable change and some of the solutions to get there. It is a must-read for business leaders in corporations great and small who want to help their businesses survive the coming shift in global priorities over the next decade and expand their horizons from responsibility, through resilience, and onto regeneration.

A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life by L. Hunter Lovins, Stewart Wallis, Anders Wijkman, John Fullerton

A Finer Future demonstrates that humanity has a chance - just - to thread the needle of sustainability and build a regenerative economy through a powerful combination of enlightened entrepreneurialism, regenerative economy, technology, and innovative policy.

The Green Grocer: One Man's Manifesto for Corporate Activism by Richard Walker

Running a sustainable business doesn't mean that you can't make a profit. In this inspiring book, readers that own businesses of all sizes will learn the value of pursuing ethical policies through the journey of the author's quest to ‘do it right’.
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