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Exeter Centre for the Circular Economy launches new six-week course for SMEs in the New Year

Tue 21 Dec 2021 | 09:59 am GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

ECCE is launching a new six-week course for SMEs next year

The Exeter Centre for the Circular Economy, a research centre formally launched by Dame Ellen MacArthur in 2018, is opening a new six-week course designed for SMEs in the New Year. Carefully curated and delivered by the team of experts at the circular economy business research centre itself, the course is targeted at supporting SMEs transition to the circular economy by working with businesses to build ‘tangible actions’ to create and capture value. By doing so, says the Centre, businesses will be able to achieve competitive advantage and grow their company within the circular model. “Our vision is to be the leading UK centre for Circular Economy, engaging in innovative research, knowledge transfer, and executive education projects,” said the team at ECCE. “We engage in projects that develop Circular Economy theory and practice designed to transform our economy, creating regenerative wealth and well-being.” The new online course has been developed from existing masterclasses that the ECCE has been running for global businesses and leaders since 2013. The course is supported by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. “Using this experience, we are keen to help you understand the challenges and opportunities of going circular, how the circular economy supports a transition to net zero, and helps address wider business sustainability challenges,” continued the team at ECCE. “Working with us, you will be supported on your circular economy journey by experienced practitioners with an inclusive, peer-to-peer learning environment. Our success lies in helping you develop a customised, actionable plan to create value from circular opportunities within your business.” Further details and the link to registration can be found here. As an introduction to the power of the Circular Economy, ECCE is hosting a free Circular Economy Workshop for SMEs in the New Year. The one-hour session will be held on Thursday 13 January from 4pm to 5pm. The workshop will be hosted by ECCE’s industry-leading experts who will introduce the circular economy and how it can benefit SMEs and support the transition to net zero. It will also provide the opportunity for discussion with a Q&A session. The event is open to all with no obligation. Registration for free tickets can be found here.
ECCE aims to be a leader in in the development of the theory and evidence base for the Circular Economy.
The Centre aims to play a leading role in the development of the theory and evidence base for the Circular Economy as well as bring world leaders in academia and industry to the Centre to share in the co-creation of new research, educational initiatives and dedicated projects for its corporate partners. ECCE was established to develop thought leadership within both theory and practice for a Circular Economy and aims to achieve this through education, research, industrial engagement and internationalisation. Within each area, numerous programmes are being delivered and developed demonstrating the continued demand for these within Circular Economy contexts.
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