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Tue 21 Jun 2022 | by Rob Hutchins

Frugi extends Eco-Schools partnership to fund teacher resources and training in England

The children’s sustainable clothing company, Frugi has extended its funding of the Eco-Coordinator Training Programme, a platform that offers teachers and school or nursery staff in England free access to Eco-School resources and training. It was thanks to funding from Frugi last year that Eco-Schools – a platform managed by Keep Britain Tidy – was able to train over 500 applicants, many of whom have progressed to receive their Green Flag Award. The application window for this academic year closes at the end of July. Current figures for schools across the country indicate that thanks to Frugi’s funding of the training programme, over £200,000 has been saved financially, over 22,000 trees have been planted, almost 43,000 kids have taken part on a litter picking activity, and more than 800,000 natural habitats have been created. Once registered to the platform, participating schools gain access to Eco-Schools resources that help them meet the international Seven Step criteria. Although free to sign up, a fee of £200 is chargeable to cover the online assessment fee for a school’s Green Flag application. The Eco-Schools programme now runs across 71 countries worldwide, giving pupils the freedom to decide on three of ten Eco-Schools topics to work on and develop. Frugi’s donation this year will fund the training for 750 further teachers and school staff in England. It’s part of Frugi’s overall ambition to ‘help inspire a new generation of eco-heroes to change the world.’ “Young people are more aware of the reality of climate change than any previous generation,” said Adam Flint, the education manager at Keep Britain Tidy and national manager for Eco-Schools. “They are passionate – keen to approach it with a proactive and positive determination. At the same time, the DfE’s new Schools and Sustainability strategy is prompting schools to cover these topics in the classroom. Eco-Schools helps teachers meet these needs with a comprehensive programme that introduces their students to environmentalism with relevant, impactful, and engaging content.” Over the next academic year, with Frugi’s funding, Eco-Schools will assist 750 teachers to become Eco-Coordinators in introducing pupil-led environmental action in their schools, sharing ideas, support, providing reassurance and celebrating their success. In 2020, Frugi funded the costs for 150 schools in England to gain their Eco-Schools Green Flag certification. The schools complete a Seven Step programme, which maps out a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both the school and the local community. Frugi ceo, Sarah Clark, said: “Eco-Schools and our new Teacher Training Programme will not only benefit so many more children’s lives, but it helps raise environmental change-makers of the future.”