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Gen Z leading the way to sustainable future

Fri 05 Feb 2021 | 09:10 am GMT
Connor Walsh, The Insights People | Products of Change Writer

Depop is a peer-to-peer social shopping app

The Insights People data shows Gen Z are the standout leaders in sustainable consumption, with many willing to pay an increased price for peace of mind. Its latest Kids Insights data also highlights that UK kids’ desire to shop sustainably has advanced even further after the events of 2020. The Insights People, global leader in kids, parents and family marketing intelligence, has highlighted a number of trends in its real-time data portal based around sustainability. Kids are thinking about the topic more than ever. Kids Insights, part of The Insights People, surveys more than 5,000 children every week aged 3-18 in 13 countries across five continents and in total surveys more than 277,000 kids. The company recently issued the Kids Insights Future Forecast report, which makes 10 predictions for 2021 based on its extensive understanding of kid’s attitudes, behaviours, and consumption. A key theme from the report is an evergreen generation, whereby kids are looking forward when it comes to their consumption habits more than ever. Gen Z are the standout leaders in sustainable consumption, with many willing to pay an increased price for peace of mind. Large brands have joined the sustainability pledge - LEGO, the global number one toy among 6-9 year old boys, has vowed that their bricks will be 100% sustainable by 2030. Nike and Adidas, companies that rank within the top five brands worldwide in this age group, have committed to utilising more sustainable materials in their manufacturing processes, too. It’s anticipated that this domino effect will continue, as more brands commit to a sustainable future in order to engage future generations. The environment is, without doubt, a key issue among this generation. Kids’ desire to shop sustainably has only advanced by the events of 2020; increased e-commerce use provides the means to access sustainable brands online, while there has been a push to support local businesses amidst the pandemic. In addition to supporting sustainable and local businesses, second-hand shopping in fashion has become more prevalent. Among UK teens, the app Depop has grown in popularity by 99% over the last six months, compared to the same period prior. It is now imperative that any brands seeking to target this generation must be sustainable in order to engage them. It’s not only kids who are becoming more aware of the environment, parents and families as a whole are too. The Insights People has also recently released its first ever Parents Insights Future Forecast report – which makes 10 predictions for the parents and family sector in 2021 - to mark the launch of Parents Insights, which went live on 1 January. Making sustainability easy is a key trend from the report, which highlights how the sustainable consumer is no longer a niche audience, it is the mainstream. As the world moves towards a generation that want to activate and make the world a better place, consumption habits and behaviours that steer towards being sustainable are top of mind for the majority of families. Many brands and corporations have already taken huge steps towards changing business models to appeal to the sustainable consumer. Boots removed all plastics from gift packaging and launched the UK’s first certified carbon neutral gifting collection. Additionally, Morrisons, Waitrose and John Lewis all opted to remove glitter from their own-brand Christmas products. The Insights People believe the brands that will succeed most at appealing to the sustainable family, are those that make it simple, easy and rewarding for people to make a change or think differently about the way they consume, purchase or behave. There are huge opportunities open for brands to help families navigate and understand that small changes will make a difference; these changes will help play a role in making the world a better place. To learn more about the attitudes, behaviour and consumption patterns of kids, parents and families, download the Kids Insights Future Forecast report at: www.kidsinsights.com/futureforecast or the Parents Insights Future Forecast report: www.parentsinsights.com/futureforecast Industry Survey is closing soon The Insights People would like to know what you think about the current state of the kids’ industry, how it is evolving and the biggest challenges and opportunities that we collectively face. All individuals who complete the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the Industry Report in April along with our Kids Insights & Parents Insights Future Forecast 2021 Reports. Complete the industry survey
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