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Get SUSSED on sustainability

Tue 23 Feb 2021 | 01:12 pm GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Have you got it SUSSED?

Last week Products of Change launched its SUSSED poster; 10 simple steps businesses can take to be more sustainable. PowerStation Studios designed the poster, and Claire Bradbury talks about how it is embedding sustainability into working practices. Claire Bradbury is global account director of PowerStation Studios, a global full-service agency with proven success in generating fresh, on-trend, outstanding creative across entertainment, sport, lifestyle and leisure brands. Claire is also part of Product of Change’s Net Zero group. Why is sustainability important for you as a business? It is no longer possible for us to continue acting as we have been doing, as businesses or individuals, without facing some incredibly scary consequences for our planet and its citizens. It sounds glib but if we don’t start making changes who will? As we move forward it will be an expectation not of only of businesses but of us all as global citizens. We have a simple choice and very little time left for action. It truly is a question of not if but when. Why is the SUSSED poster so important? Talking sustainability can seem incredibly daunting, it is such a big subject, there is so much to do, so where do you start? The SUSSED poster is a brilliant reminder that small changes are important, and you can make a difference every day. It was a brilliant idea from Kelvyn Gardner, and this is a small part of his huge legacy to our industry. What sustainable practices have you implemented? We’ve implemented recycling within the studio, but a big focus has been how we can incorporate sustainable thinking into our work. As a creative agency, a lot of what we deliver is digital assets, and we’ve really started to think about the implications of our designs for sustainable manufacturing. For example, where possible we recommend more environmentally friendly production techniques, so designs are trend-led and feel elevated without using damaging materials. With the SUSSED poster, our design challenge was how to make the information simple, bold and easy to digest, while using limited colours and ink. What are your future plans? Using creativity to solve challenges is what we do, continue to innovate in helping our clients to keep delighting their fans with awesome products that aren’t harming the planet. Consumers are only going to become more demanding, and Gen Z have come of age, having a voice and being unwilling to accept inheriting the world as it is, or will be, if we don’t all start making changes. This generation seek authenticity and ethics from the brands and companies which they align themselves with, and are willing to pay higher prices for products which meet their high expectations. We’re looking at everything from innovation in toy and packaging design, to offering brand sustainable products on demand. Our goal is to constantly move the dial for ourselves, our clients and their consumers. Each degree of change makes a difference. >>Download the SUSSED poster here
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