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Headstart teases Recyclings mobile game as YouTube views surpass one million

Tue 25 Jan 2022 | 04:35 am GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Each Recyclings toy repurposes five plastic bottle caps

A new trailer for a mobile game that takes players inside a recycling factory and is based on the sustainably-minded collectable toy line, Recyclings has been unveiled – promising to bolster the digital content and engagement around the range from Headstart Toys. The trailer has landed ahead of London Toy Fair – taking place in London’s Olympia this week – where the Recyclings toy line will be showcased to UK audiences for the first time on the Vivid Goliath stand. Vivid Goliath was recently announced as the UK distributor for the collection. Recyclings has been billed as the ‘world’s first collectable toy range to be made from recycled plastic’ and is slated to hit shelves with a ‘comprehensive marketing campaign launching in February this year.’ Its campaign features not only the toys – a range that sees each toy made up of 70 per cent recycled plastic – but animated content on YouTube and a mobile gaming app, too. Recyclings has already racked up an impressive 1.2 million views on its YouTube channel. Chloe Burrowes, senior brand manager at Vivid Goliath, said: “We couldn’t ask for a better first reaction to the Recyclings range. It’s clear that the collectable fun and sustainable message is already resonating, and we’re ready to bring our message to wider audiences with our launch marketing campaign. “Whether consumers are watching our TV commercial, exploring our YouTube channel (and catchy earworms to match) or engaging with an influencer’s review on Instagram – they will definitely be aware of the world of Recyclings.”
The range consists of over 90 characters to collect and aims to repurpose some 100 million plastic bottle caps.
The collection feature over 90 Recyclings characters for kids to engage with, including the likes of Hotdogs, Handbags, Dumplings, and Dragons. The series also features a run of limited-edition Recyclings, including Glittery Shooting Star, Golden Treasure Chest and Glowing Ghost. Meanwhile, the new mobile app game, developed by Cactus Studios, will be launching this March for both iPhone and Android. The launch of the game has been billed as a significant step for Headstart International by the company’s CEO, Andrew Hendy for both perpetuating the message of recycling among kids, and ‘breaking down the barriers between physical and digital play.’ Hendy hopes that the game and content surrounding the toy line acts to highlight the company’s objective of “making more and more amazing products from recycled materials and repurposing bottles and bottle caps, saving them from landfill, while also educating kids about recycling and the circular economy.” In a post to the social media platform LinkedIn, Hendy stated that Headstart International had already repurposed 7 million bottles through its Resoftables toy line – a soft toy range made using recycled plastic from plastic bottles – and had set a company target of recycling 100 million bottles. The team now expects to ‘equal this number’ with repurposed bottle caps through the new collectable ranges. At the same time, the new gaming content helps the firm ‘break down the barrier between physical and digital play’. “Recyclings will be a key example of how we create brands for kids to engage with in both toys and games,” said Hendy. “Not to mention the amazing content we are producing in house, our music video has already had over one million views on YouTube prior to the retail launch.” Check out just a snippet of the Recyclings digital content below:
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