Products of Change


Thu 18 May 2023 | by Rob Hutchins

Jiminy Eco Toys stars in special new Impact Hub Amsterdam documentary series

The European circular economy accelerator, Impact Hub Amsterdam has released a short film documenting the story and mission of Products of Change member, Sharon Keilthy and her eco-active toystore, Jiminy Eco Toys. One in a series of five short films focusing on inspiring circular economy pioneers around Europe, the documentary-style film will be played on trains across Europe to inspire more people to start a circular business. Taking part in the series, Sharon finds herself among a line-up of pioneering business leaders, including Irene Segarrarius, making furniture from food waste in Spain; Matea Benedetti, leading sustainable fashion in Slovenia; Roetz Bikes, producing new bikes from broken old bikes in the Netherlands; and Nam Mushroom Farm, growing food from used coffee grounds in Portugal. In the videe, Sharon shares her story with Jiminy Eco Toys, a company she founded in 2018 when she became a parent frustrated at the lack of on-shelf alternatives to “plastic wrapped in plastic.” Five years down the line and Jiminy Eco Toys has become a social enterprise existing to inspire a playfully sustainable world. now stocks up to 850 climate neutral, minimal waste toys for all ages and has, to date, empowered 15,000 unique customers to make good toy-buying choices. Sharon has sold over €2m of sustainably-made toys. The toy shop owner has also been a key player in driving forwards the Women in Toys Sustainability Learning Community and has lead speaking slots at Spielwarenmesse 2023 and co-coordination of the bio!TOY sustainable plastics toys conference earlier this year.