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Kids are rebels with a cause

Tue 23 Feb 2021 | 01:09 pm GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Kids carry out 4.9 million mini acts of rebellion weekly

Every week 80% of kids aged 7-14 report rebelling in small ways to make the world a better place, from challenging racist behaviour to asking an adult to pick up their litter. A new study reveals kids and teens are frustrated and disillusioned with the adults in charge and are taking matters in to their own hands, carrying out small daily acts of rebellion and activism to instigate societal change. The New Rebellion report by specialist kids’ insight consultancy Beano Brain (a specialist kids and family insights consultancy born from the company which creates the iconic Beano comic) reveals how children and teens today feel about topics such as climate change, racial inequality, the family unit and the future of technology. The research was conducted with more than 35,000 kids and teens aged 7-14 across the UK over the last ten months. 48% of young people today think they can be better trusted to stand against racism then their parents, teachers or politicians. ?Equally 82% believe that the government can’t be trusted to solve the climate emergency, with over half of young people (59%) saying saving the planet should be the top priority in a post Covid-19 world. In contrast to the large-scale protests of previous younger generations, today’s youth are committing smaller, more frequent acts of rebellion to positively impact society. 80% of kids report carrying out small acts of rebellion, challenging the adults around them each week, resulting in a total of 4.9 million mini acts of rebellion weekly. 24% of kids regularly remind adults to take care of the planet, with 27% stepping in to tell someone to pick up their litter. 26% of young people frequently directly challenge racist behaviour, with 44% saying they’ve called out adults for inappropriate comments in the past. The report also reveals that despite the spirit of rebellion present in today’s kids, they are more likely to get along with their families than previous generations. Three quarters (75%) of Gen Alpha report they regularly listen to their parents’ advice and over half (55%) have their parents as ‘friends’ on social platforms. Commenting on the report, Helenor Gilmour, director of insight, Beano Brain said: “This exploration of rebellion in 2021 was born from our assertion last year that Gen Alpha were young activists. Now we can see that although 20% have already attended a protest they are in fact, changing the world by stealth, carrying out millions of acts of rebellion each week. Supported by their Millennial parents they are gradually changing society through small actions and living by example. This is hugely powerful. Gen Alpha’s constructive rebellion is even now catalysing societal change, an impact that could be greater than any generation before them.” Join an exclusive webinar with directors of insight Helenor Gilmour and Pete Maginn on Thursday 25 February at 1pm to hear more about the findings and explain what this means for brands in 2021 and beyond. Register here for the free webinar.
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