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McDonald’s launches plastic-free Happy Meal

Fri 22 Jan 2021 | 08:06 am GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Top Trumps Happy Meals will be available until 16 February

The Marketing Store’s UK team worked with McDonald’s on their first ever paper-only Happy Meal which will contain Top Trumps cards. Top Trumps is a popular children’s trading card game in the UK that has been around for more than 40 years. There are a number of different editions, each one packed full of facts and stats. For McDonald's, the Marketing Store worked with Top Trumps licensor Winning Moves to develop 10 different card games based on the standard game, but adapted them to fit Happy Meal’s aged 4 to 6-year-old audience. The move to a plastic-free Happy Meal is in line with McDonald’s broader sustainability goals, with all Happy Meals from now on containing fibre-based toys, soft toys or books. Additionally, all UK Happy Meal will now include instructive messages to help consumers recycle both the packaging and the toy. To develop these, the Marketing Store worked closely with the UK’s key recycling specialists, OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) and Wrap, to agree on the best recycling messages. Geoff Smyrk, TMS global creative product director, said “This is a significant milestone for sustainability. The team has worked very hard to make sure we bring a sustainable product that delivers a high perceived value to market. Top Trumps is an incredibly popular card, game in the UK and has been for more than 40 years so it was a fantastic license to work with for this specific brief.”
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Mon 25 Oct 2021 | 11:30 am GMT

No plastic windows for Easter eggs

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DreamWorks Trolls teams with the UN to launch healthy and sustainable eating campaign

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Tue 23 Nov 2021 | 10:57 am GMT

Walmart stores get deliveries in reusable containers

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Tue 11 May 2021 | 08:53 am GMT

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Thu 07 Jan 2021 | 07:41 am GMT

Tesco scraps plastic on beer and cider

Tesco has become the first major retailer to scrap soft plastic rings and shrink wrap packaging from all beers and ciders in its UK stores.

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Wed 23 Jun 2021 | 08:24 am GMT

New rules make electrical good easier to repair

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Fri 12 Mar 2021 | 12:35 pm GMT

Ikea ad promotes eco housewares

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Tue 12 Jan 2021 | 02:58 pm GMT

Have your say on plastic regulations

Products of Change is working closely with RECOUP (the UK plastics charity) and is calling on industry to review the proposed consultations that were released on the 24 of March.

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Tue 06 Apr 2021 | 07:23 am GMT

Bank of America commits to net zero

The company has outlined initial steps to achieve its goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its financing activities, operations and supply chain before 2050.

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Tue 16 Feb 2021 | 09:05 am GMT

Broadcasters join environmental news consortium

ITN, BBC, ITV News, Sky News and Channel 4 are among the first broadcasters to join the albert news consortium which will focus on reducing the impact of news production…

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Wed 03 Feb 2021 | 12:25 pm GMT

Sainsbury’s is ‘Helping Everyone Eat Better’

Sainsbury’s unveils new brand slogan as it is named Principal Supermarket Partner of United Nation’s international climate change conference, COP26, taking place in Glasgow in November.

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Tue 02 Mar 2021 | 09:37 am GMT