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Member Profile | Vinal Patel and Brand Collective: "The exciting thing about sustainability? Any commitment is positive"

Mon 25 Apr 2022 | 12:12 pm GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Products of Change getting to know its members better

Continuing our regular series of quick-fire Question and Answer sessions with members from the Products of Change community, we catch up with Vinal Patel, commercial director of Brand Collective, to learn more about the company’s relationship with sustainability and its plans for the industry… Hello Vinal and team and welcome to the Products of Change community, we’re chuffed that you’ve come on board with us! To kick us of, why did you decide to become a part of this network? Our core values as a business, or as we describe it, our DNA, is to bring trust, smiles, and care to our consumers by building strong relationships, portraying a great company culture and taking pride in delivering a passionate consumer experience. Products of Change’s platform offers a community spirit environment that reflects our DNA and will help us to understand day-by-day the market, brands, licensors, and consumers thus supporting us to continuously improve on sustainability and our commitments as a business to society. What put you and the team on the path towards better sustainability – whether that’s through partnerships you are seeking or through the measures you are adopting and implementing in the business yourself? We are seeking to innovate in ocean plastics and working with key charities in sustainability and ethics to guarantee that our commitments are fulfilled and that we have the certified resources to provide those to each and every consumer we impact. Our measures in place focus heavily on a zero tolerance policy when initiating a strategy to make sure our compliance is to the highest quality and that our ethical practices are following CSR values. Our model works on bringing a product to life by starting from scratch or sourcing and this is why we relate strongly to sustainability as we would like to make a difference, not just at the end of the journey, but throughout. Where has your sustainability journey led you to date? We have made sure that we focus our research and keep reinvesting our efforts in staying up to date with changes by following WGSN forecasts and executing quality sourcing and auditing with manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Our journey so far has highlighted the obstacles and challenges ahead, but this confirms our mission which is to never give up and constantly strive to become a consistent problem solver. What are you looking for from the Products of Change platform and its network? As mentioned by Products of Change, your main aim is to support the correct conveyance of communications surrounding sustainability on consumer goods and provide a platform of education and learning on sustainability. We at Brand Collective want to provide assistance in achieving this but also establish an efficient and ethical exchange of information to combat greenwashing and increase consumer trust through developing sustainable and long-lasting products. What is exciting you the most about the topic of sustainability and sustainable – or event regenerative – business right now? What about sustainability within licensing? Our team has won awards in licensed innovation and we work closely with licensors to build a system that provides continuous improvement. The most exciting aspect of sustainability is that any commitment is positive and brings a satisfaction to the work carried out no matter the market, company, or managerial level. Anyone can make a positive impact. The subject of sustainability is only starting to grow and future generations are supporting this market and societal behaviour change strongly, which opens many opportunities for businesses to add value in a global scale. What conversations would you like to be having around sustainability to advance your journey and business? We would like to communicate about the developments and uses of different materials and manufacturing processes that help get closer or on point to sustainability. Moreover, we would like to discuss any new technological advancements that maximise sustainability to stay up-to-date with knowledge on the subject thus keeping up with the changes. As Heraclitus once said: “Change is the only constant.” How can like-minded members of the Products of Change community connect with you? By simply connecting with us. Communication is so important but most importantly beneficial. After having discovered what we do and who we are, like-minded members should first see if they associate themselves with our vision. If this is compatible, please share whether this is through collaboration, information, joint research or development. Brand Collective relishes any opportunities that may come our way towards achieving a sustainable world.
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