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Mon 19 Sep 2022 | by Rob Hutchins

On Demand: Sustainable Marketing Lunch & Learn with POC

Alexis Eyre and Paul Randle certainly didn’t pull any punches when the pair delivered their Inspiration Lunch & Learn Session to Products of Change members last week, delving into the ugly truth about marketing and its relationship with sustainability. A session filled with insight, the co-founders of the Sustainable Marketing Compass took an audience of POC members through a brief history of marketing’s role in enabling the climate crisis through its core aim to be ‘the engine of growth.’ In addressing the issue that marketing fundamentally has when it comes to fighting the climate crisis, both Alexis and Paul talked attendees through the potential that marketing can play in driving a new way of life more attuned and aware of the environment and the kind of business models that need to be adopted to regenerate it. The pair went on to introduce the Sustainable Marketing Compass, a new system the pair have developed utilising their graduation from the Cambridge Sustainable Business Course to help business and individuals shape a new course for marketing of the future. The idea is to not only help direct marketers towards strategies more aligned with the United Nations’ 17 sustainable Development Goals, but to also help the marketing industry find its place on the right side of history before it is left behind. The Inspiration Lunch & Learn Session is now available for all Products of Change members to view via the On Demand Products of Change channel here. Lunch & Learn and guest speaker sessions are one of the many benefits offered to Products of Change members. You can keep up to date with the latest events on and around the Products of Change platform via the Events channel on the website. For information on how to join Products of Change’s membership community, contact Helena Mansell Stopher on or Rob Hutchins on