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Thu 11 Feb 2021 | by Michelle Urquhart

Perfectly imperfect ceramics for sale

Online homewares and ceramics retailer, Florence + Blank has launched Wonkpot, a sub-brand of ceramics with minor imperfections and one-off experimental pieces. The nature of crafting ceramics means that the shape can deform, glaze can change and cracks can appear and so these pots often end up in the bin, despite being perfectly functional and having lots of character. “At Florence + Blank, we are constantly striving to be more sustainable in our practices, so it seemed fitting to send less waste to the pot graveyard and more to loving homes,” said Sam Raybone, co-founder of Florence + Blank. Wonkpot is an initiative that hopes to marry together the desire to sell perfect pottery with a more sustainable approach. In line with the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi where the imperfections of an item are revered and cherished rather than shunned, Florence + Blank will be making wonkpots available for purchase on the website. As well as ceramics with minor imperfections, you will also be able to find experimental pots for sale, created on a one-off whim and not forming part of a continued range.