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Popeye adds muscle to The SeaCleaners' World Oceans Day campaign

Wed 08 Jun 2022 | 10:02 pm GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Popeye brings muscle to The SeaCleaners\' World Oceans Day campaign

King Features’ iconic character, Popeye the Sailorman has reinvigorated its partnership with the French ocean clean-up charity, The SeaCleaners to celebrate both World Oceans Day and the SeaCleaners Festival taking place this month. The Festival is The SeaCleaners’ campaign to engage audiences in World Oceans Day this year – which took place on June 8th in multiple regions across the globe – by delivering a roster of land and water clean-ups, a new podcast, workshops, and new guides aimed at divers looking to collect waste underwater. The SeaCleaners Festival kicked off in May this year and will run until June 12th. As part of the awareness campaign surrounding the festival, The SeaCleaners engaged its partnership with Popeye the Sailorman to launch a new Kahoot! Quiz themed around – you’ve guessed, clean seas and the importance of healthy oceans.
Popeye and SeCleaners act as guides throughout four levels of plastic pollution quizzing.
Players will be able to learn how they can help save the ocean with the help of Popeye and The SeaCleaners who act as guides throughout the Quiz’s four main conservation themes. The themes are:
  1. What is the Ocean and why protect it?
  2. What is plastic pollution?
  3. Why is plastic pollution a danger to the ocean?
  4. What can we do to protect the ocean?
To support the campaign, King Features is leveraging the power of Popeye’s social media following with posts running across Popeye’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. World Oceans Day is an annual invitation from the United Nations to celebrate the World’s Oceans and what they provide humanity and life on earth. This year’s World Oceans Day theme was Revitalisation – collective action for the oceans.
The campaign is aimed to raise awareness of the importance of ocean health.
“This year’s theme is tailor made for The SeaCleaners in its fight against plastic pollution,” said The SeaCleaners in a statement on World Ocean Day this year. “Revitalisation is the restoration of marine ecosystems, which involves both protecting the oceans from future threats and repairing the damage already done. “This is at the heart of The SeaCleaners’ work. We raise awareness against plastic pollution to act upstream; we clean up waste on land and at sea to limit the ravages of this ecological disaster. “Everyone has a role to play in putting an end to plastic pollution: policy makers, public authorities, institutions, consumers, associations, and companies. We believe that only through coordinated action and joint efforts on all fronts can the major issue of plastic pollution be tackled in a sustainable manner.” It was at the start of 2022 that The SeaCleaners brought its partnership with King Features’ Popeye the Sailorman to the mobile gaming space through a tie up with Angry Birds Friends. The initiative was celebrated by The SeaCleaners’ team as a successful means of raising awareness of ocean plastic pollution on a mainstream platform to a young and engaged audience. Its partnership with Popeye continues to deliver the message of healthy oceans to a wider, global audience.
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