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Popeye expands mission to protect the ocean with Popeye Sail Club

Thu 27 Jan 2022 | 11:58 am GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Popeye launches Popeye Sail Club with Pick a Pier and Blue Flag

The King Features-owned character license, Popeye is partnering with the online boating and marinas platform, Pick a Pier to launch Popeye Sail Club, a new boating club it bills as the ‘most advanced, rewarding, and sustainable’ to hit the waters. Scheduled to launch this spring, the boating club aims to tap into the ‘massive surge in recreational boating activity’ and the increasing demand for berthing space. Identifying a problem with increased water traffic and the struggle for marinas to keep up with the growing number of boats, the platform looks to provide new means of communication between boaters and marinas. A first of its kind programme for the boating industry, Popeye Sail Club will be based on sharing economy principles, giving boaters the chance to earn points for every sail, which can then be redeemed across hundreds of destinations as payment against dock reservation fees, services, amenities, and more. It will also be partnering with Blue Flag, an established sustainability awards programme, to commit to eco-friendly practices at sea and on shore. It will require that every member signs its Sustainable Boating Pledge, asking them to follow simple yet effective rules to reduce their environmental footprint. By incentivising boaters to book docking in advance, the programme enables marinas to utilise their existing space in an ‘optimal manner and achieve new levels of sustainability.’ For boaters, this means sailing more reliably while maintaining the flexibility they require – all while, states the club, ‘ensuring a thriving ocean for generations to come.’ “We’re proud to have the most famous sailor in the world by our side,” said Pick a Pier CEO, Idan Cohen. “Pick a Pier is all about making the ocean accessible to more people, and there’s no one who can help us do this better than Popeye. “We find it inspiring that an iconic character, who started as a black and white comic strip, is embracing new technology and behaviours that push the boating experience into the 21st century. Everyday we see firsthand that the best boaters in the world want a more premium, reliable, and convenient experience – Popeye sail Club will deliver that and more.” Blue Flag international director, Johann Durand, said: “We’re excited by the incredible opportunity to engage directly with boaters to promote sustainable boating practices. With Popeye at the helm, we can make thee message of responsible sailing far more memorable.” Popeye, the iconic, spinach-eating sailor and clean ocean advocate, is owned by King Features Syndicate, a unit of Hearst and home to some of the world’s most popular entertainment characters. Popeye also represents The SeaCleaners, an organisation that focuses on long-term and worldwide preservation of the ocean, joining its fight against plastic pollution and raising awareness of it ocean conservation efforts. Most recently, Popeye launched new sustainability-focused fashion collections with partners such as United Colours of Benetton, Original Marines, Brava Fabrics, and A La Garconne. “This opportunity to leverage Popeye’s global appeal to drive meaningful change in waterways around the world I exciting,” said VP and GM, global head of licensing at King features, Carla Silva. “He has always been a protector of the sea, but this programme takes hi activism to the next level. We’re proud Popeye is serving as the face of this innovative initiative that will transform the boating experience for so many people while simultaneously doing good for the earth.” Popeye Sail Club is launching in Europe this spring and will include some of the best destinations in the region. Boaters from participating marinas will be the first to receive their exclusive invitation and start enjoying the programme’s benefits as the sailing season begins.
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