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Tue 14 Dec 2021 | by Rob Hutchins

Products of Change's first Sustainability 101 Workshop hailed a success by ViacomCBS

Products of Change’s educational arm is beginning to gather momentum and setting the right tone for 2022, thanks to the success this week of the platform’s first Sustainability 101 Workshop. Educating the industry and better informing its members to facilitate change is at the very core of the Products of Change community, and this week, the Products of Change Advisors have done exactly that, having worked with Viacom UK to successfully deliver a bespoke Sustainability 101 three-hour workshop to the company. Originally planned as an in-person workshop and created by Products of Change as a base line for the industry’s sustainability journey, the session this week took place digitally and witnessed the Viacom UK team embrace the topic of sustainability and deliver “some truly innovative thinking.” “It was fantastic to see the Viacom team take the topic on board the way that they did and deliver some truly innovative ideas around the Circular Economy,” said Helena Mansell Stopher, CEO and founder of Products of Change. “And you never, they might even end up launching some of them in the coming months… we hope that they do.” The paid session closed with a take-home gift for attendees in the form of The Sunday Times Bestseller, The Future We Choose by Christina Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, an accessible read for anyone taking their first steps on the pathway to better sustainability by shining a light on the importance of single action and the sheer positive options there are to create the future we choose. An ultimate guide to the climate crisis for the stubborn optimist, The Future We Choose is firmly on the Products of Change recommended reading list, not just this Christmas but every Christmas and all other 364 days of the year, too. “Transitioning the industry to a more sustainable future will require systems, innovation, and embracing new ways of operating,” continued Mansell Stopher. “The technologies we need for a better future exist today, it’s understanding these new innovations, such as the Circular Economy, and starting to adopt them into our everyday that will enable business to flourish and our planet to stabilise.” Products of Change will open the Sustainability 101 Workshop to the full industry on Wednesday 9 March next year and will start to take bookings in early January for the session. Anyone interested in signing up to the paid session are encouraged to email This is the first of many ‘open-to-all’ workshops that the Products of Change team will deliver throughout 2022, along with bespoke training for licensors, licensees, and retailers within the industry. June Kirkwood of Nutmeg Licensing and one of the Products of Change Advisors team, said: “It was a real pleasure to work with the Viacom team yesterday and to see them applying circular principles in innovative and thoughtful ways. “Products of Change is all about educating for change and we hope that workshops such as this will help to inspire people to take the next steps in their sustainable journeys.” Simta Sawhney, director of category at ViacomCBS, added: “Helena and June were fantastic in working with the team as we embark on our sustainability journey. They opened our minds to such an important subject which can be a minefield to navigate. “The learnings we have taken away from the session will be invaluable to the way we think about our day to day business.”