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Q&A with packaging expert

Tue 08 Dec 2020 | 02:54 pm GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Packaging is a hot topic in sustainability

Mike Swain hosted the first live Q&A session on packaging on the Products of Changes web hub on Tuesday 8 December Packaging expert Mike Swain from Pack IDS, led the session and fielded questions about swapping virgin plastic for a bio-based plastic, policy changes in Europe and further afield and the future of packaging and plastics. “It was a great opportunity for people to pick Mike’s brain about anything and everything to do with packaging,” said Helena Mansell-Stopher, founder of Products and Change. “Packaging is such a huge, huge area and a lot of the work being done in sustainability is looking at packaging – how we can reduce it, how we can recycle it, or even how we can do away with it altogether.” Packaging is a hot topic in the world of sustainability, and a new guide from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Upstream Innovation: a guide to packaging solutions – is now available to download. At the root of the guide is upstream innovation; the concept of tracing a problem back to its root cause and tackling it there. It means that rather than working out how to deal with a pile of waste, we prevent it from being created in the first place. “The new Upstream Innovation guide is such a welcome piece of work,” said Helena. “And it’s not just about a theory, there’s actual case studies from companies like Tesco, Nestle, Walmart and Waitrose who are putting the concept into practice.” Members of Product of Change will be able to watch Mike’s packaging Q&A session on the website from next week. If you’re not already a member, you can join here.
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