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Re-Fashion and EVRYTHNG partner with New Look to showcase 'circular solution to the fashion industry'

Wed 01 Dec 2021 | 10:42 am GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Re-Fashion is on a mission to bring circularity to the fashion industry

The second hand clothing website, Re-Fashion has partnered with the supply chain transparency platform, EVRYTHNG in the hopes of cultivating a ‘circular solution across the fashion industry.’ The partnership has been formed in recognition of the 350,000 tonnes of good quality clothing that is thrown away in the UK each year and with the aim of encouraging consumer to not only recycle their unwanted garments, but to provide fashion suppliers with the ability to ‘make their sustainable policies a reality.’ Under the partnership, Re-Fashion will be able to track every item of clothing its sells so that the team can encourage its return. The team has billed its partnership with EVRYTHNG as ‘crucial in helping create a more sustainable fashion industry.’ Re-Fashion will encourage people to recycle their unwanted clothing by processing a product, listing it, photographing it, and ensuring that it’s good enough quality to sell on. “As this year’s COP26 highlighted, time is not on our side and we all need to act fast in the battle against climate change, as consumers and businesses. At Re-Fashion, we’re passionate about putting a stop to billions of fashion items ending up in landfill every year,” said Steve Lyons, director and owner of Re-Fashion. “By matching our approach with EVRYTHNG’s technology, the recycling method becomes easier to action by creating the digital identities for items either at the point of production or, as they’re processed by our team. We have a truly circular solution for fashion out in the market, as we speak.” A globe spanning organisation, EVRYTHNG works with numerous brands and businesses across the world to address their environmental issues. “What’s truly exciting about this union is that we’re already working with the leading fashion brand, New Look, to support their sustainable efforts further,” added Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, CRO at EVRYTHNG. “What we need is more brands keeping more garments in the circular economy. That’s good for the brand, it’s good for the consumer, and it’s good for the future of the planet.” Formed to challenge traditional thinking, the partnership’s goal is to inspire the fashion industry to make a difference. Re-Fashion has already begun work with New Look, a fashion brand that was founded in 1969 and now ships to around 66 countries worldwide. Sue Fairley, head of sustainability at New Look, said: “At New Look, we strive to put sustainability at the forefront of what we do – not only responsibly buying and sourcing raw materials but also addressing circularity and ensuring that a product is repurposed and reused as much as it possibly can be. “We don’t want people to throw away their products, but we know that they get bored with them, which is why circularity is so important for the fashion industry. We can’t continue to deplete the world of its resources and now technology is at a point where we can address those concerns and introduce what we call the ‘kind’ product.” Re-Fashion’s Lyons, added: “New Look is, unquestionably, becoming a leader in sustainable fashion retailing. When I look in their shops, I can see the sustainable thread all the way through their business. The effort they’re putting into driving circularity in fashion suggests they are fully committed, and it’s time for us, as consumers and businesses, to get behind this effort. “We encourage all retailers and brands to explore the opportunity this affords.” So, how does it all work? The process encourages shoppers to visit Re-Fashion to request a donation bag which is sent to them in the post. They are then encouraged to ‘edit their wardrobe’ and rid themselves of pieces of clothing that they no longer wear. They can then drop their bag to their nearest Colletct+ destination for free. Their unwanted items will then be reborn on the Re-Fashion website. As a token of thanks for playing their part, and to promote the environmental benefits of purchasing pre-loved clothing, customers will be offered 30 per cent off any purchase on Re-Fashion. Meanwhile, New Look, in partnership with the charity Tree-Nation, will also plant a tree for every bag donated. New Look’s Fairley, said: “We recognise that, as a broad appeal fashion retailer, we have an important responsibility to both our customers and to wider society, to consider the lifecycle of the products we sell, from design stage to end of life. “As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of shopping for clothes and to promote circularity within the industry, we are excited to partner with Re-Fashion and offer our customers and easy and convenient way for them to get involved.” This venture is just part of New Look’s ‘Kind to the Core’ initiative, a key pillar of the brand’s transformation strategy focusing on a continued commitment to become a more sustainable and responsible retailer. This partnership is just one way that the New Look brand will encourage its customers to play their own part in the journey to support circularity and help reduce the impact of clothes shopping on the environment.
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