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Richard Walker’s new book is out

Tue 06 Apr 2021 | 06:54 am GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Richard Walker\'s book is out now

‘The Green Grocer: One Man's Manifesto for Corporate Activism’ by Iceland Foods’ managing director, Richard Walker is out now and reviews so far are positive. Richard Walker, managing director of £3bn supermarket chain, Iceland, is disrupting this critical sector with his own brand of corporate activism. From restricting single-use plastic to eradicating palm oil from products in his supermarkets, in this book he explains how readers can make genuine progress on sustainable initiatives while being realistic about profit margins, and obligations to customers and employees. The book gives an insight into his journey, including lessons from the shop floor and his experience of balancing purpose and profit. One review on Amazon says: “Forward thinking, very insightful and refreshing, Richard brings Iceland’s quest as a business with genuine purpose and ambition to life in a time when ‘sustainability’ is being hijacked and weaponised by less ‘authentic’ businesses and retailers. Highly recommend.” A book review on thegrocer.co.uk is overall positive, noting: “It’s to be expected that the book extols the virtues of Iceland but the premise of a ‘Green’ Grocer (including a section on “The Walker Family Sustainability Plan”), skates on thin ice at times. That said, whether you are interested in Walker, the supermarket he works for, or his advice on how your business and the world can become greener and fairer, you will find something in it.” Available now on Amazon
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