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Thu 17 Dec 2020 | by Michelle Urquhart

Roadmap to tackle plastic waste published

European Plastics Pact Roadmap will help coordinate a systemic shift and largescale re-evaluation of the way we produce, use and reuse plastics in Europe The European Plastics Pact was established by the Netherlands, France and Denmark to establish a public-private coalition specifically to tackle the challenges of creating a circular economy for plastics and packaging. It comprises of 15 national governments, 82 businesses, 3 regional governments and 43 other organisations, including business/trade associations and NGOs. The European Plastics Pact is part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's global Plastics Pact network, working towards a common vision of a circular economy for plastic, in which it never becomes waste or pollution. The European Plastics Pact Roadmap was developed by the four Working Groups under the Pact with the assistance of the secretariat; provided by environmental charity, WRAP. The European Plastics Pact Roadmap has four targets, which will bring economic, social and environmental benefits for Europe. Target One: Design for reusability and recyclability - Design all plastic packaging and single-use plastic products placed on the market to be reusable where possible and in any case recyclable by 2025. Target Two: Responsible use of plastics - Move towards a more responsible use of plastic packaging and single-use plastic products, aiming to reduce virgin plastic products and packaging by at least 20% (by weight) by 2025, with half of this reduction coming from an absolute reduction in plastics. Target Three: Collection, sorting and recycling - Increase the collection, sorting and recycling capacity by at least 25 percentage points by 2025, and reach a level that corresponds to market demand for recycled plastics. Target Four: Use of recycled plastics - Increase the use of recycled plastics in new products and packaging by 2025, with plastics user companies achieving an average of at least 30% recycled plastics (by weight) in their product and packaging range. Marcus Gover, WRAP CEO says: “The European Plastics Pact Roadmap is about action on one of the most pervasive environmental issues – plastic pollution. It will mobilise signatories to act, and focus on key outcomes that deliver these ambitious targets. It will transform our use of plastics across Europe, just as we’re doing in the UK through the first Plastic Pact. I am delighted that WRAP was asked to act as secretariat and technical support. Let ours be the generation that hands those who follow the solution to the problem of plastic pollution.” Read the European Plastics Pact Roadmap