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Tue 31 Jan 2023 | by Rob Hutchins

Rubies Zero to add Star Wars, ZAG, Mattel licensed lines to its Green Collection

Dress up specialist, Rubies will be moving into ‘phase two’ of its sustainable development strategy, Rubies Zero, this year with the arrival of a suite of new costumes under its popular Green Collection. Star Wars, ZAG, Mattel, and Warner Brothers licensed lines will be adding to the growing brands and IP that makes up Rubies’ conscious range of dress up items, as the business begins to “broaden the selection for mass appeal.” The Rubies Zero initiative was created last year to begin reducing the environmental impact across its business “one step at a time” and within “achievable timeframes”. Rubies’ Green Collection already boasts some of the most popular characters from across its original ranges, only now they are all made from recyclable materials. The costumes are also machine washable so they can be worn time and again. The aim of the initiative is to limit the waste to come from the fancy dress and costume industry. “With significant milestones achieved in terms of sustainability, we’re excited to build on the positive work we’ve done with further phased plans being rolled out in 2023 and beyond,” Mike O’Connell, Rubies’ managing director, told Products of Change. “We strive to continue leading by example within the industry, supported by our licensors and customers.”