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Success for Sustainability in Licensing Conference

Mon 30 Nov 2020 | 11:28 pm GMT
Samantha Loveday | Products of Change Writer

Helena Mansell-Stopher

Over 500 delegates from all corners of the world watched the Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SILC) over 24-25 November The inaugural SILC conference featured 20 presentations from thought-leaders across the sustainability spectrum, including Sine Klitgaard Møller and Tim Brooks from LEGO, Jonathan Watson from Kids Insights, James George, network lead for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, M&S’ Jessica Palalagi, George @ Asda’s Jade Snart and The Marketing Store’s Ben Poate. SILC opened with conference director, Helena Mansell-Stopher praising the community spirit of the licensing industry and its collective desire to learn how to do things differently. “One big positive of SILC taking place on this digital platform is that it has allowed us to reach a wider audience and cover multiple markets,” Helena offered. “I am extremely proud to say that we have 500 people joining the Conference from the UK, Europe, Canada, the US and even as far as New Zealand – if that’s not community spirit, and a desire to learn how to do things differently then I don’t know what is. “Given the broad reach of the licensing industry – from brand owners to licensees, retailers to trade suppliers – our sector embraces thousands of businesses whose products reach millions and millions of consumers. What is so encouraging is the will and commitment to drive real sustainable change across the industry.” Ryan Jesse, founder of Breakdown Plastics Inc, watched the conference from his home in Canada and said: “The work that Helena at POC and SILC are doing, focusing on stimulating change in sustainability strategies, is so important. For us, toys and toy packaging represents a significant amount of plastic usage and it is vital that sustainability becomes a greater priority. It might have been 1am my time in Vancouver when the SILC conference started, but I was definitely watching!” Delegates will be able to access the content on-demand via the SILC platform until 12pm on Friday December 4. Helena confirmed that SILC will return to The British Library in June 2021, with more information to come in the following weeks. “But in the meantime, a huge thank you from me and the rest of the team here in the background making this event happen, to our speakers that brought the conference to live and to you, for being an amazing community of wonderful people, you have realised my dream in driving sustainable change across our industry and I cannot thank you enough for that,” Helena concluded.
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