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Thu 25 Mar 2021 | by Jakki Brown

Sustainability drives business decisions

83% of independent greeting card retailers say sustainability has driven their business decisions. The issue of sustainability is most definitely high on the agenda of independent greeting card retail stockists. More than eight out of ten (83%) of indies state that environmental considerations have played a part in their business decisions over the last year, according to the findings from the recent Progressive Greetings Retail Barometer research survey. This continues a definite upward trajectory on the sustainable drive over the last few years, with the same question resulting in a 76% positive response in last year’s Barometer, which was up from 61% the year prior. Reducing the number of cellowrapped cards came out tops on the eco improvements front for indies in the last year, with the reduction of plastic bags coming in second spot, while the expansion of eco-products stocked jumped three places, taking it into the third position. Meanwhile, at a consumer level, indies feel that concerns about the environment definitely played a part in the general public’s buying habits over the last year compared to the years previous. While for 61% of respondents this change was ‘marginal’, for 14% it was considered to have ‘greatly’ impacted on their buying decisions. In response to their customer’s expectations, for the second year running, eco-goods claimed the top spot in the PG Retail Barometer as the product area that indies are planning to expand their selection. The results of the survey are published in Progressive Greetings magazine.