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Tue 22 Nov 2022 | by Rob Hutchins

Teemill is reversing Black Friday with #TakeBackFriday campaign to promote circularity

Pushing forward its mission to create a circular economy for clothes, Teemill is reversing Black Friday this year by paying customers to send back their worn-out Teemill products for repurposing and reproduction. The sustainable, on-demand clothing specialist is doing its bit to turn the tide on the over-consumerism that the Black Friday sales weekend has become known for. Recognising that 80% of purchases bought over the Black Friday event end up in landfill , the Teemill team is reversing the concept by offering customers £5 credit each to say thank you for the end-of-life garments they return. Its initiatve, called #TakeBackFriday, is made possible by Teemill’s use of natural materials in factories powered by renewable energy in a process that designs items to be remade from the beginning of their life. Thanks to its Remill platform, Teemill has diverted 30,000kg of organic cotton from landfill, avoiding 1 million kg of CO2e emissions and saving 586 million litres of water so far. The team is now on the mission to recover 100 million items by 2027 and is calling on its customers to help support its #TakeBackFriday campaign to help it hit that target. Worn out products sent back to Teemill go through a process in whihch the organic material is recovered. Its Remill technology then uses this material to spin into new organic yarn which is used to turn into new products. Additional to this year’s #TakeBackFriday event, Teemill has made its platform open-source to share its tech with anyone who wants to use it. “In order to create change, the solution to waste needs to be as big as the problem – and that means collaborating with as many people as possible,” said the firm in a post on social media this week. “Now anybody, any brand, any business can tap into our circular supply chain and get involved in building a world without waste.” Find out more about the platform and how you can get involved via Teemill's #TakeBackFriday already has the support of brands including BBC Earth, WWF, SameYou, Surfers Against Sewage, Marine Conservation Society, and The Shark Trust.